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1971 Pontiac Grand Prix

1971 Pontiac Grand Prix – The Monument

For those of you that don’t know, Pontiac is GM’s performance marque, they introduced the Grand Prix all the way back in 1962 and it was in production until 2008; some 46 years in total....

1969 Pontiac Grand Prix

1969 Pontiac Grand Prix – The Big Nose

The 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix was completely redesigned from its predecessor, being stretched and built on a platform dubbed ‘G’. In fact, the hood was that long that it held the record for the longest...

1966 Pontiac Ventura

1966 Pontiac Ventura for adventures

Forget the hum drum run of the road transportation – buy a Pontiac. That’s just one of the strap lines that was used by Pontiac back in the 60’s, designed to get the average motorist...