67 muscle cars

List of muscle cars from 1967

1967 Shelby GT350

1967 Shelby GT350 – the dream of 60s

Carroll Shelby had already made a name for himself when he was asked if he could do anything with the Mustang, he took a standard white 2+2 fastback and started working his magic; the result...

1967 mercury cougar

1967 Mercury Cougar: the electric shaver

Mercury brand has always produced a variation of Ford models, as well as Lincoln, but unlike the latter, it was mainly a sports model. Sporting but comfortable. 1967 Mercury Cougar was no exception. Originally designed...

1967 chevrolet biscayne

1967 Chevrolet Biscayne: Bis is quick

Those who love Chevrolet Biscayne must remember that General Motors Motorama show where the first model of this type was introduced. What made this car so popular was its price which was rather low due...

1967-1969 plymouth barracuda

1967-1969 Plymouth Barracuda overview

The second generation of sport-like vehicle from Plymouth, called Barracuda, debuted in 1967. Now it was based on enlarged wheelbase of Chrysler’s A-body platform (sharing it with same-years Dodge Dart). As before, it has lots of...

1967 pontiac gto review, specs

1967 Pontiac GTO: Big black ‘Goat’

After 1965 the car get its own name – GTO, without any mentioning of Tempest. The overall car architecture remains the same, however front are rear part was highly revised. The concept of powerful and...

1966-1967 Buick Riviera review, specs

1966-1967 Buick Riviera review, specs

In 1966, production of second-generation Riviera was started. The machine was completely updated, making it shapes more fluid and curved. Then it had a common body with the Oldsmobile Toronado, but actually it was only...