68 muscle cars

List of muscle cars from 1968

1968 Mercury Comet

1968 Mercury Comet Fits Its Name

Mercury was a division of the Ford Motor Company, set up in 1938 by Edsel Ford. The purpose of the separate brand was to bridge the gap between the Ford and Lincoln models; Ford really...

1968 chrysler 300

1968 Chrysler 300: V8 powered suitcase

Chrysler 300 series without letter suffix has a pretty short heritage in comparison with many other models – just 9 years, produced in 3 different bodies throughout the model lifespan. We have already reviewed 1965...

1967-1969 plymouth barracuda

1967-1969 Plymouth Barracuda overview

The second generation of sport-like vehicle from Plymouth, called Barracuda, debuted in 1967. Now it was based on enlarged wheelbase of Chrysler’s A-body platform (sharing it with same-years Dodge Dart). As before, it has lots of...

1968 plymouth road runner review, specs

1968 Plymouth Road Runner: beep-beep indeed

Plymouth presented the conceptual Road Runner model in 1967. The company decided to build a car back to the basics of the original muscle cars, where the two dominant qualities – speed and availability. The...

1968 Oldsmobile 442 review, specs

1968 Oldsmobile 442: the mighty persuader

Oldsmobile 442 was born as a prompt response of Oldsmobile to competing GM’s Pontiac division with its highly successful GTO model. Initially, this was the option package for Cutlass called the “B09 Police Apprehender Pursuit”...