10 best muscle cars

Muscle Cars have appeared in the Golden Age of Mechanical Engineering 1960s in the United States. It was affordable cars with powerful engines (mostly V8), which knew only one phrase: “Power!” There is also an unwritten rule that the power to weight of the muscle car should not exceed 13 lbs (6 kg) per 1 hp.

Gradually, oil prices have made the business American muscle cars have become available and powerful machines luxuries settled in garages of collectors. But they left a rich legacy that still fascinates. Here is our top 10 muscle cars

10. Chevy II Nova SS

Best muscle cars:  1969 chevrolet nova

Year: 1968
Engine: 396 cubic inch V8, 350 hp

Until 1969, this model was called the Chevrolet Chevy II, and the name of Chevy II Nova SS wore extended trim level of the car. Nova was quite compact in its size and even though it was not a high-end luxury car, Chevy II Nova SS liking many of their owners and earned wide popularity. One of the best muscle cars in terms of weight-power ratio.

9. Ford Torino Cobra 428

top 10 best muscle cars

Year: 1968
Engine: 4V CJ (Cobra-Jet), 375 hp
Engine capacity: 7.0L

It’s pretty rare car with an incredibly powerful engine. Official engine output of 250 kW was specified, but there are persistent rumors that in practice he gave everything 325 kW. This underestimation should reduce the cost of insurance for customers. Among Muscle cars this voracious monsters could boast quite good handling.

8. Plymouth Roadrunner

Сool muscle cars: 1968 plymouth roadrunner
Year: 1968
Engine: V8, 335 hp
Engine capacity: 6.2L

Plymouth Road Runner creators pursued a very noble goal. They decided to create a powerful car that could drive 1/4 mile in 14 seconds, and at the same time would be worth no more than $ 3,000. And they did it. Of course, the budget has not proved particularly expensive looking interior and beauty, but it was really powerful, equipped with power steering and front disc brakes.

7. Chevrolet Impala SS

Top 10 muscle cars: 1969 chevrolet impala SS
Year: 1969
Engine: Turbo Jet V8, 425 hp
Engine capacity: 6.7L

Impala from 1960s have special attention for among American collectors. The most collectible are convertibles and two-door hardtops. SS is a complete set Super Sport, which included a more powerful engine.

6. Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454

Top muscle cars: 1970 chevrolet chevelle ss

Year: 1970
Engine: V8, 450 hp
Engine capacity: 7.3L

Chevrolet Chevelle SS (Super Sport) was positioned as a muscle car from the beginning. 454 version, which was produced in 1970, was completed the theme with the most powerful engine in the history of this car: the last monster of Chevelle before the era of environment-friendly cars. Actually, Chevelle 1970 is the top muscle cars number one in terms of the power (not mentioning custom versions).

5. Dodge Challenger R/T 1970

Best muscle cars: 1970 dodge challenger

Year: 1970
Engine: V8 Magnum 383, 335 hp
Engine capacity: 6.2L

Dodge Challenger is a cult car, produced by the Dodge Corporation. It was created to compete with cars like the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Mercury Cougar and Pontiac Firebird.

Performance R/T Model (which stands for Road and Track) with 383 cubic inch V8 Magnum block was estimated at 335 hp on the standard engine. It was possible to install 440 cubic inch V8 Magnum (7,2 L) producing 375 hp; 440 Six-pack (7,2 liters) with 390 hp and the famous 426 inch (7.0 L) Hemi, with the output of 425 hp. You could find examples of these cool muscle cars in classic movies of this era or in the modern video games.

4. Pontiac GTO

1969 Pontiac GTO

Year: 1969
Engine: V8, 366 hp
Engine capacity: 6.5L

For 10 years, from 1964 to 1974, General Motors produced a Pontiac GTO. The characteristics of the car, produced in 1969 are correct just for this year’s model – it still is the most popular.

3. Chevrolet Camaro Z28

1967 Сhevrolet Сamaro

Year: 1967
Engine: 302 cubic inch V8, 290 hp
Engine capacity: 4.9L

Put Chevrolet Camaro next to the Ford Mustang – is the right decision that can be taken in the preparation of such a rating. Camaro from the outset made no secret of their intentions with regard to Ford. Although the name comes from the French «camrade» (friend) back in 1967 the guys from Chevrolet to a question about the meaning of the name Camaro answered that it is vicious animal that eats Mustangs. Which of these cars better – a subject for eternal holy war.These two cars are no doubts sharing number one in top 10 most popular muscle cars list.
There was also a SS version, which included a small visual changes and, most importantly, a more powerful engine.

2. Ford Mustang Boss 302

1969 ford mustang boss 302

Year: 1969
Engine: 351 cu in V8, 375 hp

Ford Mustang Boss 302 has been designed with a specific purpose: to beat Camaro in Trans AM and NASCAR racing. Shelby did not stay aside and made another successful modification called Shelby GT 500.

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1. Dodge Charger R/T

1969 dodge charger r/t

Year: 1969
Engine: 440 Magnum V8, 425 hp
Engine capacity: 6.1L

The second generation of the iconic American muscle car appeared in 1968. To continue to promote muscle car, the company has decided to create a series of Dodge vehicles called R/T, which meant «Road and Track».
After paying for the expanded configuration, you could enjoy 426 Hemi instead of 440 Magnum. However, most were quite pleased with the Magnum: it is allowed to get some instant fun. It was enough to put the wide rear tires, the rear axle load and start with “two pedals” – if the driver did everything right, Charger with Magnum engine could put the car to the rear wheels!