1965 EL Camino interior, pictures, specs

Chevrolet after a three-year interval launched the second generation of the Chevrolet EL Camino in 1964 and it had an immediate impact. The car went on to sell extremely well in the Midwest, because drivers cherished the drivability of the car with the level-headedness of a truck.

1965 Chevy EL Camino review

The 1965 Chevy EL Camino was given some careful modifications in 1965 together with some extra engine options that made the car drive even better. The Increase in sales figure that year demonstrated that Chevy had an excellent blueprint where the new EL Camino was concerned.

1965 chevy el camino poster

However, there was officially just one EL Camino model in 1965, but it could be modified in almost any way the driver required. Buyers who ordered the Custom package got improved interior and exterior trim, and could also prefer to include the sport trim, which was basically an SS package, except in name.

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1965 chevy el camino

A total of 34,724, 1965 EL Camino models were manufactured, which was about 2,200 higher than the number built the year before.

1965 Chevrolet EL Camino images

1965 EL Camino interior

The 1965 EL Camino interior featured bucket seats and Chevelle SS wheel covers. Some trims modifications and upgrading done were a new 2-key ignition system and amplified sound-numbing insulation, an auto compass, an optional “low D-note” horn could be included in the standard 2-horn system to give a unique signal, a cruise control and an AM-FM radio became available for the first time.

1965 EL Camino interior

1965 Chevrolet EL Camino specs

While the 1965 Chevrolet EL Camino still has the standard 195-BPH two-barrel 283 in V-8 models, as the optional 4-pot version was cut. The 300-horsepower 327 V-8 engine was now easily obtainable. Its 250-BPH compatriot employed new cylinder heads and a broader-diameter singe exhaust system having an optional dual system. The remarkably strong L79 350-BPH 327 was also obtained. The 194-CID engine six-cylinder models remained standard.

1965 chevrolet el camino front quarter

The optional 230-cube engine was now timed at 140-BPH, owing to losing its unique camshaft and chrome accents.
The 1965 Chevrolet EL Camino specs boasted a new hood, grille, and front bumper which came to a slim crest at the center, taking the place of the flat-faced 1964 design. Therefore, the general vehicle length was stretched an extra 2.5 inches. External engine ID appears on the front-wheel gap in all engines except the base six.

1965 chevrolet el camino

A new single-lens, taillight design was employed. The back-up lamps were transferred to the rear bumper, increasing lighting when reversing. The tailgate insignia border altered from black to red in the lower area and from gold to white at the top. Also standard on the new models were lower bodyside moldings. There were 12 exterior color choices, 10 of them new for buyers to choose from. Otherwise, the design and appearance of the EL Camino remained very much akin to what they had been the previous year, other than the exclusion of the Chevelle badge.

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1965 chevrolet el camino

The 1965 Chevrolet EL Camino was practically unrivaled in this year as it outsold all other models and car brands and till date is highly viewed as a muscle car which made a statement.

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