1965 Ford Galaxie: quiter than a Rolls-Royce

The car of The Wonder Years was first introduced all the way back in 1959, as a semi-stylish transport for the cost-conscious motorist. Come 1965, the word was ‘technology’ and Ford didn’t waste any time in building it in to the Galaxie, in fact the Galaxie was the first domestic Ford to use coil-springs for the suspension (replacing the dated leaf-springs). Ford also introduced curved glass for the side windows, something very novel at the time.

1965 Ford Galaxie brochure

1965 Ford Galaxie Design

The ’65 Galaxie got a slightly updated look from the earlier model, the tell-tale sign was the ‘stacked’ vertical headlamps.
You could get the Galaxie in five different variants; 2-door convertible, 2-door hardtop coupe, 2-door hardtop sedan, 4-door hardtop sedan and the 4-door sedan, and Ford marketed the car as ‘quieter than a Rolls-Royce’.

1965 Ford Galaxie design

1965 Ford Galaxie Interior

As you’d probably expect from a vehicle in the mid-60’s, nearly everything in the cabin was either covered in vinyl or chrome; everything down to the shifter was either silver colored or chrome – after all this was the age of the space race (hence the name).
There was also wall-to-wall carpeting and bucket seats, to give it that sporty feel.

1965 Ford Galaxie interior

1965 Ford Galaxie Specs

As this model was Ford showcasing their work and understanding of technology, the best way of describing the spec is to think of any piece of technology that was available at the time and you can guarantee that it would have made it to the options list, including power-assisted steering and white-wall tires!

1965 Ford Galaxie specs

1965 Ford Galaxie Performance

The Galaxie came with a huge variety of engine specifications, although truth be told, really only two actual engines; the 6-cylinder 3.9 liter (150 BHP) and the V8 that came in 3.9 liter, 4.7 liter (200 BHP), 5.7 liter (250 BHP), 6.3 liter (300 BHP & 330 BHP) and the fire-breathing 6.9 liter which produced a staggering (at the time) 425 BHP. Having said that, it seems rather convenient that the power figures increase by 50 BHP with each engine, in reality, the BHP figures probably varied a little more than that!
There were options for a floor-shifter manual or the 3-speed ‘Cruise-o-Matic’ auto transmission.

1965 Ford Galaxie performance

1965 Ford Galaxie Collectability and Price

Prices are quite reasonable for this classic piece of 60’s motoring experience; you’ll find a fair example for around the $6,500 mark, a concours example could be had for around $20,000 and a fully restored example could set you back as much as $35,000.

1965 Ford Galaxie images

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