1965 Mercury Marauder – Sharp-edged Suitcase

For those of you that don’t know, Mercury was a sub-division of the Ford brand, created to bridge a gap between the Lincoln and Ford models, created in 1938 and closed in early 2011; Ford really only finished with the brand to concentrate on their economic crisis and current model line up – rather than being all things to all men, they wanted to concentrate on providing better products for the regular business.

1965 Mercury Marauder ad

1965 Mercury Marauder Design

The 1965 Mercury Marauder was a typical 1960’s muscle car; wide, long, big block V8 fitted up front. For 1965, Mercury introduced curved side glass (looked great but was expensive, both to produce and to fit). We also saw a quad headlamp arrangement introduced for ’65. Interestingly, the aerodynamic roofline was designed for NASCAR racing, it is said to have helped a number of teams to victories.

1965 Mercury Marauder design

1965 Mercury Marauder Interior

Bench seats were standard, although buckets were optional, as was a center console. Trim material was either vinyl or a combination of vinyl and Lamy fabric. There was a silver trimmed instrument panel, fitted with round gauges (and an electric clock!), the speedo was dead center over the steering column, easily visible through the 2-spoke steering wheel.

1965 Mercury Marauder interior

1965 Mercury Marauder Specs

Length: 218.4” Wheelbase: 123” Height: 56” and for 1965, the Marauder was fitted with a ‘Wide Track’ at 62”. It was available in 17 standard colors, but there was an option for a further 26, of course at a premium.

1965 Mercury Marauder Performance

Three different motors were available, all V8 based.

1965 Mercury Marauder engine

The first was a 390 ci (6.4 liter) with 300 BHP, the second a 406 ci (6.7 liter) with 330 BHP and a 427 ci (7.0 liter) with 425 BHP, although as with most of the power figures from back then, we suspect that they aren’t that accurate, even more so when claimed torque is close to 500 lb/ft.

1965 Mercury Marauder Collectability and price

The Marauder isn’t that sought after, and the prices reflect that; expect to pay less than $20,000 for a concours example, you can pick up a 1965 Mercury Marauder in fair, usable condition for less than $10,000.

If you’re not overly worried about ‘brand’, a Mercury Marauder makes for a great classic muscle car, at affordable prices, and of course, there are plenty of parts still available for them.

1965 Mercury Marauder Images

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