1965 Shelby GT350: from racetrack to buyers’ hearts

1965 Shelby GT350 was not only the beginning of a magnificent close collaboration of Ford and Shelby American, the result of which was the emergence of many great cars, but also personal glory among racing cars like America and rest of the world. He was the brightest representative of the true sports car of the period – fast, rough, loud and captivates the heart of the driver from the first minutes of driving.

1965 shelby gt350 brochure

1965 Shelby GT350 design

For the design of the Mustang GT350 is responsible a leading employee of Shelby American – Peter Brock. He belonged to the idea to paint all the GT350 white and blue racing stripes as a tribute to the Cunningham race cars famous in the 1950s. At this time it was decided to paint cars in the corporate colors of their country. German cars were always silver, British – green, Italian – red and US – White. Blue stripes came up with the famous races at Le Mans. Also, Peter Brock personally designed the new GT350 dashboard and «GT350» logo. And his fiberglass scoop on the bonnet – was one of the most stylish air intakes on the cars of the time.

1965 shelby gt350 design

The car was almost identical to fastback Mustang of the same year in terms of design. There was a few details, dedicated to Shelby – mostly badges.

In the car only the front seats were installed, in place of the rear seat, there was placed full-size spare tire.

1965 Shelby GT350 history

1965 Ford Mustang GT350 was introduced at a press conference held on 27 January 1965 on the Riverside racetrack. Then, at an event attended by 10 new GT350, which was provided by the press for review and test drive. In addition to the Mustang were other cars such as the AC Shelby Cobra and GT40. But the main sensation was of course exactly Mustang GT350. Yet, despite the obvious success with the public, it was not without failures. After a long test drive, one of the Mustangs began unstable engine work.

1965 shelby gt350 history

The breakdown quickly corrected, but a slight disappointment from the presentation still remains, although the rest of the car proved to be excellent and deserved their success.
After the presentation, almost all the leading car magazines write admiring reviews of Mustang GT350.

In June 1965 began serial production of the Ford Mustang GT350 of 1965 model year, at the same time, work has begun on the next GT350 1966.

1965 Shelby GT350 specs

With the 392 cubic inch V8 (6.5 liter) engine in the Shelby Mustang GT350 were mated 4-speed manual gearbox Borg-Warner T-10. The exhaust system ends with two pipes, coming out on the sides of the car with Glasspack type pipes, which can reduce the flow resistance of the flue gas, but does not have good sound insulation properties. Also in 1965, on the GT350 with 15-inch steel wheels “Cragar Shelby” installed Goodyear “Blue Dot” tires designed for a maximum speed of 130 miles/hour.

1965 shelby gt350 specs

1965 Shelby GT350 review

The price of the sports car Ford Shelby was more than the price of the standard version of the 1965 Mustang with 289 engine for only $1,100. For $4,500 buyer received one of the best sports cars in 1965. As written then by comparing with the standard Mustang GT350: the one was neat pony car, which sold well, was popular and it was easy to drive. The second was a real pit bull – loud, rude and intimidating, but so it immediately sinks into the soul. Some automotive journalists so liked the car that some of them after long test drives bought it for themselves.

1965 shelby gt350 review

In total 562 copies of Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 were made in 1965.

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