1966 Mercury Comet – spaceship from 60s

The Comet from Mercury was manufactured between 1960 – 1969 and then again from 1971 – 1977. Prices started at $2,206 and went all the way up to $3,152 for the top specification model, but the most popular was the 2-door hardtop coupe Caliente, selling 25,862 models of the 1966 version. It was available as the Comet Caliente, Comet Cylclone, Comet Capri, Comet 202 and the top spec Cyclone GT, its main competition came from Pontiac’s GTO. 1966 was the first year of the Ford FE 390 V8 (265 BHP).

1966 Mercury Comet design

1966 Mercury Comet Design

Two words describe the Comet; Long and Low.

The ’66 Comet changed quite significantly from the previous years versions; it grew into a full mid-size sedan thanks to a 2” extension to the wheelbase (116”). Available as a 2-door hardtop coupe, 2-door convertible and 4-door sedan.

1966 Mercury Comet Interior

As with many of the cars from the 1960’s, the interior was a mixture of vinyl, chrome and perhaps a little bit of wood interspersed here and there.

1966 Mercury Comet interior

Quite a common upgrade (present day) is to color key the hard bits to the car color, which can look pretty good when done correctly. Bench seats were fitted as standard in the base model, but of course they could be upgraded to full ‘buckets’, either as an extra or picking the next trim level up.

1966 Mercury Comet Specs

Built on the Ford Fairlane chassis, it shared a few components and detailing.

1966 Mercury Comet specs

Curb weight: 2,846 lbs Length: 203” Wheelbase: 116” Price: $2,206 – $3,152

1966 Mercury Comet Performance

A number of engine choices (and power) was available, all depending on what you wanted to spend. A couple of 6-cylinder versions (domestic and export market), these only produced a meagre 120 BHP, which even by the standards in the mid-60’s was somewhat low. Then we move on to the V8’s; 2 x 289 (4.7 liter) and 2 x 390 (6.3 liter). Power with the V8’s ranged from 200 – 335 BHP, although the 335 version was special order only.

1966 Mercury Comet performance

The Cyclone GT was considered sporty enough to be used as the pace car for the 1966 Indy 500.

1966 Mercury Comet Collectability and Price

The Comet sold in quite large numbers so they aren’t that rare, but for a concours model, expect to pay close to $20,000, while you can pick up a fair version for $6,500.

1966 Mercury Comet price

Of course, there will always be the exceptions, we found a genuine 1966 version, with less than 1000 on the clock in pristine (but original condition) for $27,000.

1966 Mercury Comet images

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