1967-1969 Plymouth Barracuda overview

The second generation of sport-like vehicle from Plymouth, called Barracuda, debuted in 1967. Now it was based on enlarged wheelbase of Chrysler’s A-body platform (sharing it with same-years Dodge Dart). As before, it has lots of same details as in Valiant, however equipped with fully redesigned front and rear end.

For a compact sporty car, Barracuda has a rather wide range of bodytypes available. It is available as convertible top, fastback hardtop and notchback hardtop. Barracuda was designed by John Samsen and John E. Herlitz, and has coke-bottle side lines, fashionable in late 60s.

1967 plymouth barracuda 340 side

1967 Plymouth Barracuda 340

Notchback and fastback modifications were differ from each other by rear end design. Notchback has curved rear roof pillars and elongated trunk, while fastback has shorter trunklid, along with more sloping roofline, with different rear glass and roof pillars.

Overall, Barracuda made one more step away from the concept of compact European-style sportcar, like the very first generation, and one more step closer to become heavier though more powerful American muscle car.

1967 plymouth barracuda ad

1967-1969 Plymouth Barracuda model year differences

Due to the change of safety regulations in the United States throughout Barracuda production, the cars have minor changes in appearance depending on model year:
1967: neither reflectors nor sidemarker lights
1968: round-shaped sidemarkers without reflectors
1969: rectangular-shaped sidemarker reflectors (no more lamps)

1969 plymouth barracuda 440

1969 Plymouth Barracuda 440

1967-1969 Plymouth Barracuda coupe

As it was mentioned above, the second generation Barracuda has two hardtop modifications: notchback and fastback. Fastback rear end glass was mounted on more horizontal angle than notchback, and has less glass area than predecessor.

1967-1969 Plymouth Barracuda convertible

2nd generation Plymouth Barracuda convertible has manually folded soft top, and the same trunk lid length as notchback body modification. Body rigidity has increased. In every other aspect it is the same vehicle. However, the pricing was a little bit higher for a convertible.

1967 plymouth barracuda convertible

1967-1969 Plymouth Barracuda interior

The interior of 1967-1969 Barracudas was very simple. Complete front panel, dashboard consist of 3 dials, dashboard visor throughout the whole panel, and 3-spoke steering wheel. Year-to-year changes of the interior were minor and mostly cosmetic. The whole structure of interior and front panel remains unchanged. 1967 Plymouth Barracuda has old-fashioned style steering wheel, while 1968-1969 had more modern 3-spoke one. The car could be equiped either with bench seats or bucket seats (depends on modification) respectively. Bucket seats variants were equipped with console between seats with gear lever mounted.

1967-1969 Plymouth Barracuda specs

1967 model year car has weak straight-six engine (Slant-6) as a base one, with displacement of 225 cubic inches (equivalent to 3.7L). As for V8 engines, there were 3 options. The first two were 273 CID, 4.5-liter, equipped by either two-barrel or four-barrel carburators. The other was the so-called Big-block “B” (Chrysler B engine) with displacement of 383 cubic inches (6.3L), available only with special edition Barracuda Formula S package. However, 383 engine was downforced in comparison with another Plymouth models – from 325 hp and 425 ft lbs of torque to just 280 hp and 400 ft lbs. Nevertheless, it was still enough for compact lightweight car to be fast.

1969 plymouth barracuda 383 engine

1968 Plymouth Barracuda engine range was revised. 273 CID V8 block was replaced by LA-series engine displacement of 318 cubic inches with the same cylinder configuration. This engine was also available in enlarged 340 cubic inch version with 4-bbl carburator. Top-end 383 engine was also upgraded by the usage of upgraded parts from Roadrunner. Due to exhaust system restrictions, power output was limited to 300 horsepower.

1967 plymouth barracuda advert

1969 Plymouth Barracuda get 440 Super Commando engine (the same as Dodge’s Magnum), huge 7.2L engine. Those Barracudas, along with another V8-powered ones (except 318 CID) were firstly offered with ‘Cuda performance option package. ‘Cuda, equipped with 440 engine, can boast to sixty in just 5.6 seconds, with the quarter mile time of around 14 seconds. It was a quite outstanding result.
The same year 383 engine has got a power increase to 330 HP.

1968 Plymouth Barracuda 426 Hemi

In 1968, Chrysler released only 50 special equipment Plymouth Barracuda in fastback body. It was specially designed by Hurst for Super Stock Drag Racing. Equipped with legendary 426-cubic inch Hemi engine, they also had lightweight plastic body panels, seats, glass. The car didn’t have rear seats and some other standard equipment. Moreover, Barracuda 426 Hemi was not street legal. 1/4 mile time of this beast was approximately 10.5 seconds.

1968 plymouth barracuda 426 hemi super stock

1967-1969 Plymouth Barracuda pictures