1967 Mercury Cougar: the electric shaver

Mercury brand has always produced a variation of Ford models, as well as Lincoln, but unlike the latter, it was mainly a sports model. Sporting but comfortable. 1967 Mercury Cougar was no exception. Originally designed as a more advanced and chic version of the Mustang, it secured the title of an unusual and fast car.

1967 mercury cougar brochure

1967 Mercury Cougar design

Exterior appearance – this is the most memorable feature of the Cougar. For unique retractable headlights, which among other things were appeared before GM’s cars, the muscle car was nicknamed “electric shaver”. However, it was not exactly as safe. Still, it was equipped with quite powerful V8 engines.

The profile of the Cougar ’67 strongly resembled Mustang coupe, later models have a pronounced arch, reminiscent of Coke bottle, but not so sharp.

The rear lights have actually repeated the Thunderbird ones, however, it has a grille, yep, just like in front – give the impression that they are hidden too.
In general, the unusual exterior appearance was benefitial for the image of the model.

1967 Mercury Cougar interior

It can not be said about the interior. What is unusual here – in terms of layout and arrangement of the instruments and controls, it seemed easier and more ascetic than the Mustang, though in fact, it was almost an exact replica of the latter. This is probably due to the fact that in the finishing of the interior Cougar often use lighter colors.

1967 mercury cougar ad

Despite this, the overall finishing materials were much higher than in the Mustang – an abundance of chromium, leather, and vinyl. Especially in XR-7 modification, which was placed as “premium”. All this conjures up thoughts that Cougar is more a personal luxury car, rather than a more “popular” muscle cars.

1967 mercury cougar xr-7 interior

1967 Mercury Cougar specs

Unlike its more popular cousin, Cougar had a longer wheelbase. In addition, it does not offer such a wide range of bodies, transmissions, and powertrains. It is, in principle, there was no need to potential buyers. In this regard, a set of power units is extremely simple. Only two was available, which can be called a “pretty powerful” and “very powerful.” Actually, the same division was to trim levels.

Thus, the standard engine for the 1967 Mercury Cougar was a 289 cubic inch (4.7 liters), which developed only 225 HP and 305 lb-ft of torque. With this engine, Cougar was an option for a peaceful drivers. Still, the car with 289 engine was a bit underpowered. The second option was a huge 390 CID (6.4L) V8 engine, producing 320 HP and 427 ft-lb of torque. It was already a serious option that allows you to be very fast in 1967 Cougar.
In the following years, in the heyday of the muscle cars, the car has got even bigger and more powerful engines.

1967 mercury cougar 390 engine

1967 Mercury Cougar performance

As a result of measurement of the Car and Driver magazine back in 1967, Mercury Cougar was able to accelerate to 60 in 6.5 seconds. The quarter mile time was around 15 seconds (14.9 to be exact) with the exit speed of 94 mph.

1967 Mercury Cougar collectibility and price

Total 116,620 of standard hardtops were made, and 27,771 pieces of XR-7 modification. There was also a comparatively rare bench-seat hardtop (7,412 made). So, the car is not so rare, you could get a standard hardtop (289 engine) in moderate condition in just around $ 16,000. Better condition increases the price up to $ 35,000- $ 40,000 no matter what modification it is.

1967 Mercury Cougar images

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