1967 Pontiac GTO: Big black ‘Goat’

After 1965 the car get its own name – GTO, without any mentioning of Tempest. The overall car architecture remains the same, however front are rear part was highly revised. The concept of powerful and brutal vehicle was also kept. 1967 Pontiac GTO had even more powerful engines and a lot of new features.

1967 pontiac gto brochure

1967 Pontiac GTO review

Appearance of a novelty hit contemporaries. Powerful lines, brutality and excellent style. Front end was very long and adorned its 4 headlights in glossy bezel and bifurcated grille with a horizontal line and a GTO label. On top of all was a chromed front bumper.

1967 pontiac gto review

Hood sported a pair of air intakes and hump in center. Fenders also allocated similar to the bend and the wheel arches and sills – chrome lining. The body of the first generation not yet littered with different back roof, which later became fashionable. It was flat, and rear fenders and trunk lid – long and massive.
Taillights occupied the entire length of the trunk ribs, even decorated the back of the chrome bumper.

1967 pontiac gto rear

The car was originally produced in 3 body styles – sedan, convertible and coupe.Then after 1965 there were also coupe and convertible variants available.

In 1965, during a small restyling of Pontiac GTO, has been changed front and rear – hood had another air intake, lights were arranged vertically, but also changed the exhaust. 1967 kept the design of 1966, but the rear lights were changed. It was decided to make Tri-Power engine system modernization – its power system is changed to the Rochester Quadrajet.
Also, there was a new 6.6-liter engine, which develops 255 hp, 335 hp or 360 hp. All depend on the settings and carburators used.

1967 Pontiac GTO Interior

In 1966 began to produce cars with new seats by Strato. They possessed adjustable headrests, were thinner and higher than previous, but still differed improved lateral support. In addition, the ignition does not become positioned on the left instead of right.

1967 pontiac gto interior

In 1967, there was replacement of the instrument panel on a soft, but also the installation safety steering wheel.

1967 Pontiac GTO Specs

It was the release of ’67 for the first time in the history Pontiac brand muscle cars were installed disc brakes. It was not the only novelty, aimed at improving the safety of the driver and passengers.

The model comes with four types of engines:
389 CID – it has four carburetor and eight cylinders. Its volume is 6.4 liters. Power – 325 hp
400 “Economy” – two carburetor and eight cylinders are used here. Volume of 6.6 liters capacity of 255 hp
400 “standard” – 4 carburators, 8 cylinders. Volume – 6.6 liters, the power of 335 hp
400 “high-performance” – same 4 carburators and V8, at the same displacement producing 360 hp

1967 pontiac gto engine

On earlier models used a Thri-Power fuel mixing system, but for the 1967 Pontiac GTO started to use more sophisticated Rochester Quadrajet system.

The machine was equipped with premium tires.

There are 2 gearbox options:
1. Turbo Hydra-Matic – three-speed automatic transmission. If desired, the gears can be manually switched.
2. The three-speed manual by Hurst

1967 pontiac gto specs

Of the features of the model can be noted chromed valve cover and air filter, sport springs and 7-blade fan used in the cooling system.

1967 Pontiac GTO images