1968-1969 Rebel SST review

The 1968-1969 AMC Rebel “SST” which stands for Super Sport touring is a classy brand of automobile. Compared to the Dodge Dart, Chevy Corvair and Ford Falcon the 1968-1969 Rebel AMC has more collector appeal according to automobile experts. This sleek 1968-1969 Rebel SST automobile features a more rounded body contour, although maintaining its slab-sided but contoured flanks.

1968-1969 AMC Rebel SST specs

What makes the news with this model is perhaps is its four new power plants under its sleeves. These are the 200 and 225 HP 290 cubic inch entry level V8 engines and the all new top notch 235 HP 2- barrel and 280 HP 343 cubic inch 4-barrel V8s.

1968-1969 AMC Rebel SST specs

The top of the range model of the SST showcases a 290 cu in (4.8L) “Typhoon” V8 engine whereas the previous models in 232 cu in, 3.3 liter I6 engine. It must be noted that the 343 is not much of an upgrade of its earlier 327.

In 1970, the special edition AMC Rebel ‘The Machine’ was appeared.

These are a few points to note about the 1969 AMC Rebel SST ; it features a 4door Sedan and Wagon and hardtop coupe of bore stroke of 3.75 x 3.28 and 4.08 x 3.28 respectively. The 1969 Rebel SST has a bhp of 200, 235 and 280 for its V8, 290 cu. in and V8, 343 cu. in engines(for sedan and hard top coupe).

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1968-1969 AMC Rebel SST specs

In totality, this is a not so good model if you ask vintage car users. Let’s go deeper with the convertible later in this blog.

1968 – 1969 Rebel SST price

On the general market, this model could be acquired for between $2,598-2,999 depending on its condition.

1968 Rebel SST pictures

These are a few photographs of the 1969-1969 Rebel SST

1968 AMC Rebel SST convertible

This was a banger on the market. The 1968 AMC Rebel SST convertible displays a displacement of 4752cc, a brake HP of 200 at 4600 (HP for RPM) followed by a torque of 285 at 2800 HP for RPM to match.

Obviously this sleek car would have a V8 engine for its terrain accompanied by a curb weight of 1554kg.Other features crucial to note are its 12 Volt battery, a single exhaust, fin and tube radiator and distributor and coil ignition system. For its Bore and stroke, it boasts of a 96.15mm x84.1mm as against its bore to stroke ratio of 1.14.The compression rate is just an impressive 9.0 to 1 with cars of its era. Putting the “head lights” on its transmission it has 3 gears with ratios of 2.55, 1.65 and 1 to 1 for its (Rd1, Rd2, and Rd3).

1968-1969 amc rebel sst convertible

Let’s lay emphasis on its reverse of 2.55.The 1968 AMC Rebel SST convertible has The 1968 AMC Rebel SST convertible has a clutch of single dry plate type with a size of 256mm and a live axle type. Also for a differential ratio of 3.15 to 1 it is presented as hypoid. Throwing more light on its dimension and weight. It has a wheelbase of 2923mm, front and rear track of 1503 and 1500(all in millimeters) respectively. For its length of 5051 it has a reasonable width of 1979 and height of 1400(all in millimeters).The 1969 AMC Rebel SST convertible makes a stride on the automobile scene worthy of applause. With independent coil rings, a coil link to its suspension rear and a recirculating ball and nut this feature cannot be missed.

1968-1969 amc rebel sst convertible

With hydraulic self-adjusting brakes, the 1968 AMC Rebel SST is reinforced by a 256mm front and rear brake size as well as for its emergency brake size. This ride which gives users a feel of a vintage automobile is sold in some of these colors Classic black, Frost white #2, Matador Red, Saturn Blue Metallic, Calcutta Russet Metallic and Hialeah Yellow.

The 1968 AMC Rebel SST has a modest fuel capacity of 83 liters (21.9 gallons) and 4 liters for oil. Its transmission fluid and rear differential fluid is of a meager 1183 cl accompanied by a 12 liters cooling fluid capacity.

The 1968 Rebel AMC SST is a timeless collection anyone with a vintage car ambition should get.

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