1968 AMX review

The first 1968 AMX debuted February 24, 1968, and it was the first since 1957 Ford Thunderbird, 2-seater coupe with an all-metal monocoque body. The model name stands for American Motors Experimental, so it was experimental AMC vehicle.

1968 AMC AMX interior

The interior of the 1968 AMX is very Spartan-looking – hard plastic, no extra finishing, no visible air vents. If at the outside the car looks spectacular and sporty, inside it was rather boring. Steering wheel has usual design for 60s cars, center console has extra gauges in the middle and radio receiver.
The car was built on the basis of the AMC Javelin prototype, and that was short in length, but for the AMX it shortened even more. It turned out that behind the front seats was a tiny trunk.

68 amc amx interior

1968 AMC AMX specs

Under the hood, one of the three engines could be installed: 290 cubic inch V8, producing 225 hp, 343 cubic inch V8, with 280 horsepower and 390 cubic inch V8 developing 315 horsepower. The dynamic performance of the car was impressive: up to 60 miles per hour in 6.9 seconds and the quarter mile in 15.2 seconds. 4-speed manual transmission was standard, and 3-speed automatic called Shift Command (with manual shifting capability) was optional and comes with floor gear lever.

amc amx 1968

290 cubic inch (4.8L) V8 228 hp;
343 cubic inch (5,6L) V8 284 hp;
390 cubic inch (6,4L) V8 319 hp.

BorgWarner T-10 4-speed manual;
BorgWarner M-11B/M-12 3-speed automatic.

The original road test with a 390 engine AMX (1968)
From 0 to 60 mph – 6.6 seconds
0-100 mph – 16.3 seconds
Drag race 1/4 mile acceleration – 14.8 seconds at 95 mph (153 km / h)
Top speed = 122 mph (196 km / h)

1968 AMC AMX trims

The basic package AMX included reclining sport seats, branded floor mats, wood interior trim, Goodyear E70-14 tires, a four-speed manual transmission and a heavy-duty suspension. All this gave the AMC for a reasonable price – 3245 dollars.
So called Go-Package was also available for 343 ci or 390 ci engine and feature power front disk brakes, Twin-Grip differential, E70x14 red-stripe performance tires, upgraded suspension and cooling system, and other performance enhancements. A wide range of specialized performance parts were also available through AMC dealers for installation.

68 amc amx

1968 AMC AMX colors

The 1968 AMX was available in 14 colors: Classic Black, Matador Red, Saturn Blue, Caravelle Blue, Blazer Blue, Laurel Green, Rally Green, Tahiti Turquoise, Laredo Tan, Calcutta Russet, Scarab Gold, Turbo Silver, Hialeah Yellow, Frost White.

1968 AMC AMX pictures