1968 Ford Galaxie Had a Wide Variety of Modifications

Trying to capitalize on all things cool at the time, which basically consisted of the space race, Ford had been using the Galaxie name for a number of years.

The Galaxie was produced between 1959 – 1974, but the Galaxie name was used on all full-sized Fords between 1959 & 1961, and then only on the Galaxie 500, which was the mid-level Ford, high volume counterpart to the Chevrolet Impala.

Dependent on the year, this means that there are quite literally hundreds of different specifications when talking about the Galaxie.

1968 Ford Galaxie brochure


Available as hardtop, fastback and convertible, the Galaxie introduced a number of modifications for 1968. The ’68 model had a new grille and headlights, although there is some confusion as to whether they remained covered or not. They did.

1968 Ford Galaxie front

15 exterior paint color schemes were offered in 1968. Another new item added for 1968 were the side marker lights introduced as standard.

1968 Ford Galaxie Well-Equipped Interior

The ’68 Galaxie was well-equipped; it had courtesy lights, cigarette lighter, suspended gas pedal and padded front seat backs – all considered as something better than standard. It also had shoulder belts and redesigned soft bar steering wheel. Bucket seats were an option.

1968 Ford Galaxie interior

The ’68 Galaxie was offered with 30 different upholstery choices.

1968 Ford Galaxie Tech Specs

Options included: whitewall tires, air conditioning, styled wheel covers, remote control side mirrors, power front disc brakes, tachometer and a limited slip differential.
Overall length: 213.3” Wheelbase: 119” Curb Weight: 3,496 lb Number Produced: 84,332

1968 Ford Galaxie engine


8 different engine choices, the base model being upgraded for ’68 from the 289 ci (4.7 liter) to the 302 ci (4.9 liter). Choices went all the way up to a 428 ci (7.0 liter) V8 with 340 BHP.
A three speed manual was standard on the base model, but there was an option for a four speed, floor shift and the three speed Cruise-O-Matic auto transmission.
Base model performance was 0 – 60 MPH in 10.2 seconds with a theoretical top speed of 111 MPH.

1968 Ford Galaxie GT

Collectability and price

The Galaxie is a popular choice, prices reflect that; although the guide price says that a concours 1968 Galaxie should be in the region of $15,000, we’ve seen them for sale for as much as $35,000.
As with all of these classic American muscle cars, prices can fluctuate wildly, and quickly. The best advice we can give is to research your market thoroughly before purchasing.