1968 Plymouth Road Runner: beep-beep indeed

Plymouth presented the conceptual Road Runner model in 1967. The company decided to build a car back to the basics of the original muscle cars, where the two dominant qualities – speed and availability. The base model for the new muscle car was chosen lightweight Plymouth Belvedere, from which removed all non-essential parts, thus making the vehicle even more lighter and most importantly, cheaper. As a result, in 1968, he turned into the car, whose appearance can be described as “modestly but powerful.” But the performance of this glorious Plymouth representative was incredible.

1968 plymouth road runner

1968 Plymouth Road Runner review

The car was aimed at young people, so that even very special image has been selected for him. After paying $50,000 to Warner Brothers, Plymouth division created a new model of the image extremely popular at the time cartoon character – Road Runner from the cartoon series Looney Tunes. Road Runner – Californian cuckoo, long-legged bird that run fast and constantly left out in the cold of its antipode – the coyote.

1968 plymouth road runner ad

Even the car sound signal very accurately reproduce the sound of “beep-beep”, which used the cartoon. Cost of the 1968 Plymouth Road Runner was a little less than $ 3,000, and was available to most customers with different financial incomes. It was a huge success and more than 200 000 cars were sold from 1968 to 1974.
This car model raced regularly on Detroit Dragway, where he won a lot of trophies.

1968 plymouth road runner ad

Especially for those who like fast driving, racing, and who could afford to pay an extra 714 dollars on the car was placed HEMI engine of 426 cubic inches (7.0 liter) capacity producing 425 hp. Although additional price for this power unit contradicts the basic principle of budgetary Road Runner, but impressive speed characteristics of cars equipped with it (ΒΌ mile for 13 seconds) fully justify the additional costs.

1968 plymouth road runner booklet

Plytmouth division planned to sell 2500 copies of the Road Runner in 1968, in fact, actually 45 000 cars had been sold. The success was enormous. On the significance of the rise in Roud Runner comparable to 1964 Pontiac GTO muscle car popularity, the category, as this model has returned the car market to lower prices
by adopting the principles of “high speed and low cost.”

1968 plymouth road runner review

The earliest models were only available in two-door coupe body, but later appears a two-door sedan. Road Runner in 1968-1970, was based, on the Belvedere platform, small differences were observed only in the radiator grille and rear lights.

1968 plymouth road runner brochure

1968 Plymouth Road Runner interior

1968 Plymouth Road Runner was distinguished by simplicity and functionality: no carpets and bucket seats, only the rubber mats and bench seat. Due to the low cost, company had to sacrifice interior, beauty and other amenities. But Road Runner equipment arsenal hidden power steering, disc front brakes, AM-radio and automatic transmission. And for a small fee you can get air conditioning (except for the 426 Hemi).

1968 plymouth road runner interior

1968 Plymouth Road Runner specs

from 0 to 60 miles (96 km / h), it accelerates in 7.5 seconds with 6.3 liter (383 CID) V8.

1968 plymouth road runner specs

The standard V8 engine offers 383 cui engine (6.3 liter) producing 335 HP (250 kW) and 424 lb ft (576 Nm) of torque. For an extra $714, you can install 426 HEMI engine (7.0 L), producing 425 HP (317 kW) and 489 ft lb (664 Nm) of torque. In combination with the low weight, it reach quarter mile in 13.5 seconds at 105
miles per hour exit speed.

1968 plymouth road runner engine

Transmission as standard offered a four speed manual with floor shifter, as an option – a three-speed Torqueflite automatic.

1968 Plymouth Road Runner images