1969 AMX review

New 1969 gave the world only 8293 AMX, and the price increased by $ 52. There are only minor changes in appearance and in technical part. The engines remains the same, new gearbox option was appeared, and a few optional packages.

69 amc amx

AMC AMX package options

There was a special version named Big Bad AMX became available in the middle of the year and cost only $ 34 more than the basic. Its essence was “wild” coloring bumpers (color matching to body) and three body color options. For $ 205 you can order a manual 4-speed transmission from Hurst.

amc amx 1969

Popular option package – Go Package, remains the same and was available for $ 233 for the 343 engines and $ 311 for a 390. It included a E70 tires on rims, improved brakes, a more balanced handling and decorative stripes on the body which were now available in five colors.

1969 AMC AMX interior

The interior of the 69 AMC AMX was changed very slightly. Just like in 1968 AMC AMX it is really modest in terms of design, without any luxury touches. There are only a few differences you might notice in AMX 1969 – new dashboard with tach marked up to 8000 rpm and speedometer marked to 140 miles per hour. The dashboard had also received a hood to improve visibility.

1969 amc amx interior

Leather upholstery was available as option, door panels were revised along with carpeting; the new 4-speed manual Hurst transmission gear lever mounted on floor.
Trunk capacity was 9.7 cubic feet (275 L).

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1969 AMC AMX specs

1969 AMC AMX specifications wasn’t differ much from previous year car, the same 3 engine options were available – 290 cubic inch V8 engine producing 225 hp, 343 cubic inch producing 284 hp and more powerful 315 hp 390 cubic inch engine. The only change is the availability of the optional 4-speed Hurst manual transmission.

1969 amc amx engine


290 cubic inch (4.8L) V8 228 hp;
343 cubic inch (5,6L) V8 284 hp;
390 cubic inch (6,4L) V8 319 hp.


BorgWarner T-10 4-speed manual;
BorgWarner M-11B/M-12 3-speed automatic;
Hurst 4-speed manual.


From 0 to 60 mph – 6.6 seconds
0-100 mph – 16.3 seconds
Drag race 1/4 mile acceleration – 14.8 seconds at 95 mph (153 km/h)
Top speed: 122 mph (196 km / h)

amx 1969