1969 Ford Falcon – Compact But Hot

The Ford Falcon was initially designed as a small car, and sold well for Ford in the early years, although sales did tail of dramatically over the years.

1969 Ford Falcon brochure

Manufactured from 1960 – 1970 and was available in 2 and 4-door sedan & station wagon, 2-door hardtop & convertible and Ranchero pickup.

1969 Ford Falcon Design

The Falcon was considered a small vehicle (although in Europe it would be more like a mid-size). There was nothing extravagant about it; no long, low hood or fast back styling, just a regular vehicle that didn’t proclaim to be anything other than a regular car.

1969 Ford Falcon design

1969 Ford Falcon Interior

There was nothing special about the Falcon, the interior was exactly as you’d expect from a late 60’s car; bench seating, covered in cloth, simple gauges and low level of equipment – the Falcon was never designed to be a show car with all the latest technology and toys and fitted to it.

1969 Ford Falcon interior

1969 Ford Falcon Specs

184.3” overall length, 111” wheelbase, 73.2” wide and depending on which particular model (or even which review you read) weighed in at anywhere between 2,866 lbs and 3,031 lbs.

Total Falcons sold in 1969 was 63,550 but that figure is made up of the Club Coupe, Sedan and Station Wagon, out of those, 22,719 were sedans.

1969 Ford Falcon specs

Suspension was compromised of the following: Front – independent coil spring, wishbone with stabilizer bar and tubular hydraulic shock absorbers. Rear – solid axle, semi elliptic leaf spring, tubular hydraulic shock absorbers.
Turning circle was large – nearly 40 ft!

1969 Ford Falcon Performance

Throughout the range, there were a number of engine options available, none of them particularly powerful; 144 ci (2.3 liter) inline 6, 170 ci (2.8 liter) inline 6 100 BHP, 200 ci (3.3 liter) inline 6 115 BHP, 260 ci (4.3 liter) V8, 289 ci (4.7 liter) V8, 302 ci (4.9 liter) 220 or 230 BHP V8.

1969 Ford Falcon engine

114 MPH top speed. 3-speed manual transmission was fitted as standard, but there was a Cruise – O – Matic option.

1969 Ford Falcon Collectability and Price

Looking at some of the restored examples currently for sale, the design seems to have come full circle; it looks a classic and cool design from the 60’s – something quite sought after in today’s world. However, prices don’t reflect that – especially when compared to some of the competition.

Expect to pay less than $6,000 for a fair example, and the guide price for a concours version is only $11,000, although we have seen a factory fresh example selling for $16,000.

1969 Ford Falcon Images

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