1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 specs, photos

A product of the Ford Motor Company, the 1969 Ford mustang boss 429 also branded as the “Boss 9” by fans is perhaps one of the rarest and most prized muscle cars in existence. The main reason the 1969 ford mustang boss 429 engine was built was to create an engine acceptable for NASCAR racing.

Also branded by some as “shotgun’, a lot of the 429’s manufacturing and production was outsourced to Kar Kraft an expert job shop based in Michigan that was one of Ford’s major manufacturing subcontractors.

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429

In total, there were 859 unique Boss 429s made as every vehicle was assembled by hand and since its performance was more concerning an engine than a whole model, ford mustang 1969 boss 429 design revolution was rather easy.

Its distinctiveness is based on its scarcity, its engine and merely for the reason that so much effort had gone into adapting the basic Mustang to make the Boss 429 engine fit. The Boss 429 was only produced for 2 years. You could also find info about 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 interior

While the new 2017 Ford Mustang will get completely new styling – new front and rear bumpers, headlights and rearlights. It is more likey to also get some additions to its engine range. Comparing to the previous generation Mustangs it is a giant leap forward to economic and practical vehicle, but still it is amazingly fast and agile just like before. It is no longer get a massive 429 cubic inch V8 engines, but current generation car is much more advanced in terms of technologies used – it is the first time Mustang get turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, along with V6 and old school massive V8s.

Without any doubt it is a proud successor to late 60s legendary Mustangs, one of which is described in this article.

1969 Boss 429 Mustang engine specs

The 1969 ford mustang boss 429 engine was projected exclusively to gratify the homologating policy of NASCAR which declared that at least 500 cars be fitted with this motor engine and sold to the common public before it could race on the tracks.

The 1969 ford mustang boss 429 specs boasted a 2-door coupe body style, rated at 375-horsepower at 5200 RPM and a manual 4-speed gearbox rear-wheel drive with a 3.91:1 Traction-Lok, V-8 single Holley four-barrel carburetor slated at 735 CFM fixed on an aluminum ingestion manifold, a physically controlled hood scoop and a shallow front spoiler than its predecessor the Boss 302.

1969 Boss 429 engine

An oil cooler, trunk-mounted battery, beefed suspension with front and rear stabilizer bars, faster power steering, and power front discs. A 3-quarter inch rear sway bar, Magnum 500 wheels fitted with F60x15 polyglas Goodyear tires with an efficient modifiable rear spoiler, the Boss 429 ran at a top speed of 118mph. Each front fender had a “BOSS 429” decal engraved on it.

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1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 features

The interior decor of the mustang boss 429 was plush wood paneling, a quartz timer and fitted with an 8000-rpm tachometer and AM/FM radio and retailed at a price of $4,740. In its debut year the car was available in colors such as in Wimbledon White, Raven Black, Candy apple Red, Royal Maroon and Black Jade and in 1970 its hood scoop were made black and it was available in Grabber Green, Grabber Orange, Grabber Blue, Pastel Blue and Colypso Coral.

1969 Mustang Boss 429 exterior

Today, 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback cars are highly sought after as there are very few of them still in existence and fewer still unmodified versions.

1969 Mustang Boss 429 photos

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Design
  • Collectibility


One of the greatest and fastest Mustangs of all time. Thanks to 429 cubic inch engine and retuned suspension. Boss 429 stock cars are extremely rare.