1969 Ford XL GT – Strong Boy

“Ford XL GT – the Michigan strong boy. It’s the big one” – this was how Ford marketed the XL GT back in the late 60’s, for it truly was ‘the big one’; it had enough space to comfortably seat six adults and had the performance to match, thanks to the 429 ci (7.0 liter) V8 under the hood.

1969 Ford XL GT brochure

1969 Ford XL GT Design

The ’69 Ford XL GT was only available in two body styles; a convertible or SportsRoof. While the SportRoof does give the GT an excellent sporty style, it really is the ‘Vert that is the better looking of the two.

The overall style was crisp and clean lines, giving the car a masculine look, some have even described it as ‘chiselled’.

1969 Ford XL GT design

1969 Ford XL GT Interior

Ford went some way to produce not just a performance car, but one that was well built and offered comfort, in was marketed as ‘the silent one’ thanks to tighter body sealing through the doors and windows – it was noticeable quieter than its rivals. The ‘Flight-Cockpit’ was an optional extra, this wrapped the dials and instrumentation around the driver, as was bucket seats and air conditioning.

1969 Ford XL GT interior

You could easily fit six adults inside the XL GT and not feel cramped.

1969 Ford XL GT Specs

Base price was $3,385, although for $3,474.43 you’d get power front disc brakes, competition suspension (higher rate springs, bigger front anti-roll bar, heavy duty shocks), Rim-Blow steering wheel and mag style wheel covers.

Length: 216.9” Wheelbase: 121” Width: 79.8” Height: 54” Curb Weight: 3,600 – 3,995 lb

1969 Ford XL GT engine

A three speed manual transmission was fitted as standard, but there was a four speed manual and Cruise-O-Matic option.

1969 Ford XL GT Performance

A choice of three engines were available, the minimum spec engine was a 390 ci (6.4 liter) V8 with 265 BHP and 390 lb/ft of torque, next up was a 429 ci (7.0 liter) Thunder Jet V8 with 320 BHP and 460 lb/ft and the top of the line was a 429 ci Thunder Jet V8 with 360 BHP and 480 lb/ft of torque.
0 – 60 MPH in 7.8 seconds and a ¼ mile in 16 seconds @ 86 MPH.

1969 Ford XL GT gear lever

1969 Ford XL GT Collectability and Price

We don’t have much information regarding price for the XL GT, and of course, it is dependent on what options were fitted at the time of manufacture, but a little research shows that the 1969 Ford XL GT is right up there for collectability; a concours example could cost you anywhere up to nearly $70,000 but an average condition example could be had for much less – around $15,000.

1969 Ford XL GT Images

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