1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator – dangerous cat

You could love or hate it – but you got to admit: first generation Mercury Cougar is one of the most outstanding muscle cars in terms of design. 1967 Cougar was nicknamed “electric razor”, while 1969 Mercury Cougar become more smooth and get rid of that unique front end, however, kept the hidden headlights. 1969 car was an example of deep restyling which makes Cougar less aggressive, but more beautiful.

1969 mercury cougar brochure

1969 Mercury Cougar design

As it was mentioned above, the overall body lines of 1969 model year car become less sharp, smoother. In profile, Cougar received famous coke-bottle styling, though not so evident. The front end received horizontal bars in the grille, instead of vertical ones on the previous model. The grille itself was also redesigned, become narrower, and highly remains Charger. The rear lights still occupy the entire width of the car, become more concave, the vertical bars was kept as well.

1969 mercury cougar ad

Cougar becomes more elegant but not to lose its pace. The convertible model has got the XR-7 trim level or might be ordered as a standard.

1969 Mercury Cougar interior

As before, the interior mostly repeats Mustang one of the same model year. However, Cougar received different air vent design and additional gauge in front of passenger (in some trims). The car was available mainly with bucket seats, bench seat hardtop was pretty rare.

1969 mercury cougar interior

1969 Mercury Cougar specs

The most complicated changes occur in Cougar engine range in 1969. Some engine options and packages were removed, some were added. XR-7G and 7-liter modifications were discontinued, while 390 and 428 V8 were kept. 290-HP V8 of Windsor family was added to engine lineup.

1969 mercury cougar design

So, total engine range was following:

  • 351 cubic inch V8 with one 2-barrel carb, producing 250 HP and 355 ft-lb of torque;
  • The same 351 CID with different carburetor (4-bbl), producing 290 HP/385 ft-lb;
  • 390 cubic inch V8 (320 HP; 427 lb-ft);
  • 428 cu in Cobra Jet, the most powerful modification, equipped with Ram Air force induction (optional), producing 335 HP and 440 ft-lb of torque;
  • Boss 302 engine, 290 HP and the same amount of torque.

1969 mercury cougar engine

All engines were equipped with either 3-speed or 4-speed manual, or Merc-O-Matic automatic gearbox.

1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

1969 was the first year special Eliminator package appeared. It features blacked grille, rear and front spoiler, side stripes. It also has special bright color schemes. The suspension was also retuned for better handling. 290 HP 351 engine was standard, while the other were optional.

There are only two Eliminators with 429 Boss engines were made, built specially for professional street-legal drag racers.

1969 Mercury Cougar performance

The fastest ’69 Cougar was Cobra Jet equipped one, accelerating to sixty in 5.6 seconds, with a quarter-mile time of 14.1 seconds (at 103 miles per hour). It was comparable to the same year Firebird.

1969 Mercury Cougar price and collectibility

Total a bit more 100,000 Cougars were produced in 1969. Including only 2,250 Eliminators. Current average prices for the cars are closer to $30,000 mark. You could buy a proper full-original Cougar for around $45,000.

1969 Mercury Cougar images

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