1969 Plymouth Fury III – Simple and Powerful

The Plymouth Fury started life all the way back in 1955 and stayed in production until 1989 – some 34 years in total.

Horror fans may know that ‘Christine’ from the Stephen King novel was a Fury (although an early ’58 model). Despite being a popular model, prices are more than reasonable for such a classic.

1969 Plymouth Fury III brochure

1969 Plymouth Fury III Design

The earlier Fury’s were known for their fins, but the ’69 model had no such extravagance. However, they were available in a myriad of combinations; both 6 cylinder and V8 with 2-door hardtop, 4-door sedan, convertible V8, 4-door hardtop V8.

1969 Plymouth Fury III design

The air conditioned 2-door hardtop was fitted with ventless windows. All of the 69 Fury’s had curved glass fitted as standard – quite expensive at the time.

1969 Plymouth Fury III Interior

The nomenclature (I, II, III) basically refers to trim level; the III had a nylon / foam seating and carpet, concealed windshield wipers and … a clock!

The front seating was a split bench seat (buckets available on the next model up) and some had the optional rear reclining seats fitted.

1969 Plymouth Fury III interior

The Fury III had a full instrument cluster with a rectangular speedo and metal surround.

1969 Plymouth Fury III Specs

The 1969 was stretched by an additional 1.5” from the previous model, giving a wheelbase of 120”.

15” wheels fitted as standard, option for air conditioning, power adjustable seating.

24 exterior colors, including Bahama Yellow and Honey Bronze, just 5 interior colors, including Bayou Green and Regatta Red.

1969 Plymouth Fury III specs

1969 Plymouth Fury III Performance

Plenty of choices in the engine department; straight 6 cylinder 225 ci (3.7 liter) with 145 BHP and 215 lb/ft, or V8’s in 318 ci (5.2 liter) 230 BHP and 340 lb/ft, 383 ci (6.2 liter) 290 BHP and 390 lb/ft, 383 ci with 330 BHP and 425 lb/ft or a 440 ci (7.3 liter) with 375 BHP and 480 lb/ft.
Transmission was 3 or 4 speed manual or the TorqueFlite auto.

1969 Plymouth Fury III performance

As with all horsepower figures from back then, we’d take the claimed figures with a pinch of salt (Volkswagen know that massaging the figures isn’t a modern thing!).

1969 Plymouth Fury III Collectability and Price

Surprisingly, the Fury sold in good numbers, but the price doesn’t reflect that now, the Fury III would be the bargain basement end of the muscle car market; expect to pay around $15,000 for a concours example, and just $7,000 for a good example, although if it has the straight 6 motor fitted, knock 30% off that price.

1969 Plymouth Fury III Images

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