1969 Yenko Chevy Nova review, history

The 1969 Yenko Chevrolet Nova remains highly unchanged for this year. The Yenko base engine was the 350 cubic-inch V8 which produced 295 horsepower. The 427 cubic-inch 8-cylinder remains available and produces about 425HP and torque of 460 foot-pounds.

1969 Chevrolet Nova Yenko review

The Chevrolet Yenko Nova 427 engine wasn’t a factory fitted option. Rather, Yenko ordered the 1969 Nova Super Sport with the 375hp 396 V8 and replaced the engine with the 425 HP Chevy 427 at the car dealership, even though Yenko scored the 427s at a more practical 450 HP. With 450 range horsepower, the Nova was an inspiration.

chevrolet nova yenko 1969

The Chevrolet Nova Yenko 1969 boasted a close-ratio Muncie 4-speed gearbox outfitted with Hurst linkage or a Turbo Hydra-matic with Hurst Dual Gate shifter. In this year, they were built in small numbers with a mere 37 being built in 1969. These Chevy models were highly wanted by car collectors.

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1969 nova yenko

The standard Chevrolet Nova Yenko SS 1969 package with the 350 CID V8 had an extra price tag of $280 plus a Nova coupe base price of about $2200 and incorporated a unique suspension, F70x14s, red stripe, and power front disc brakes. A total of 5,262 Chevy Nova SS was manufactured with the 375 horsepower 396 while a further 1,947 were manufactured with the 350 HP 396 engine. Total Nova SS built was 17,654 units.

chevy nova yeanko 69

1969 Yenko Chevy Nova pictures

1969 Chevrolet Nova Yenko history

Constructing and selling highly performing cars is what Don Yenko, Retired race car driver and muscle car expert, was good at. He is especially well-known for the expressly built Camaros, Corvairs and Chevelles that he introduced into the world of high performance cars.

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chevrolet nova yenko 1969


Less important is about thirty Novas that were constructed and sold out of Canonsburg, PA by Yenko Chevrolet. He began with tuning up 67 Chevrolet Camaros. He kept on working with the Camaros till 1969 when he aimed to widen his range with the Chevrolet Chevelle and Nova.

1969 chevrolet nova yenko front

Every car built by Yenko was so significantly altered that their registration was no longer as Chevrolet products but as Yenko’s. Don Yenko had an amazing aptitude with tuning some of the most effective muscle cars. There were lots of options that a client could order with their new Yenko automobile.

1969 chevrolet nova yenko rear

The 1969 Yenko 427 super car was light and quick, with a zero to sixty time of a mere 4 seconds. Maybe due to such amazing performance, only 37 were made, with just six still in existence. Like its established counterparts, it is powered by a Yenko-relocated L72 427/425 HP big-block, in this scenario fitted to a Muncie M21 4-speed, and recognized by distinct Yenko body striping and badges and American Racing Torque Thrust wheels.

1969 chevy nova yenko front

Although about thirty 1969 Chevrolet Nova Yenko were built, only seven or eight remain accounted for today making it a highly sought after muscle car by collectors.

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