1970 AMX review

In 1970, AMX price has risen the cost was 3395 dollars. But for the money the buyer has received the 360 cubic inch V8 engine rated at 290 hp in base or optional, more powerful 390 cui with 315 horsepower under the hood.

amc amx 1970

AMX 1970 received a redesigned front end full length front grille (double grille in 1970 Javelin) and a long hood, as well as restyled rear taillights become wider and longer. The modernization had also hit the front suspension, double wishbone received 2 ball joints and the upper to the lower control arm, barrel-shaped coil springs and shock absorbers with a progressive characteristic, as well as lower arm brace.

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1970 AMC AMX features

AMC AMX 1970 as well as 1970 AMC Javelin has a new, more secure granular glass, which was lighter and stronger than conventional laminated windshields. This glass was made in Blacksburg, Virginia, and all produced cars with the “old windows” were equipped with the new ones.

amx 1970

The car has similar wheelbase as before (97 inch), but the overall length of AMX 1970 was increased by 2 inches and was 179 in (4547 mm).

Big Bad package remains the same, but both front and rear bumpers got chrome trimming. There was also 2 exterior design options was available: “Shadow Mask” featuring black front end and C-stripe. Magnum 500 rims became a standard.

There was a new cold Ram Air induction system introduced which came with popular Go Package. The package also features power front disc brakes, F70 tires with white letters and handling package.

image of 1970 amc amx

1970 AMC AMX interior

The interior of the 1970 AMC AMX was also upgraded. Dashboard received wood trimming and become wider; there were new 2-spoke steering wheel and center console. Headrests was integrated into seats, leather upholstery was optional.

amx 1970 interior

1970 AMC AMX specs

AMC has change the AMX 1970 engine product line – the new 360 cubic inch (5.9L) engine producing 290 hp was introduced instead of 343 cubic inch, and now it became the standard engine instead of 290 cubic inch V8 standard in 1968 AMC AMX and for 1969 AMC AMX.

amx 1970 engine

The 390 cubic inch V8 was continued but it had got a new parts (heads with new combustion chambers) and the output was increased to 325 hp.


360 cubic inch (5,9L) V8 289 hp;
390 cubic inch (6,4L) V8 325 hp.


BorgWarner T-10 4-speed manual;
BorgWarner M-11B/M-12 3-speed automatic;
Hurst 4-speed manual.

Performance: (390 cu in engine, 4-speed manual)

From 0 to 60 mph – 5,7 seconds
Drag race 1/4 mile acceleration – 14.4 seconds
Top speed: 114 mph (183 km / h)

1970 AMC AMX pictures