1970 Buick GSX specs, review, price

Once General Motors lifted its 400-CID ban on cars, Buick immediately installed the standard 455 ci engine with or without the voluntary Stage 1 performance engine improvement in the first year of release into the Buick 1970 GSX.

1970 buick gsx

Buick 1970 GSX specs

The 1970 Buick GSX engine came with a massive 455-CID V8 like in 1970 Buick GS 455 and a Hurst four-speed, rear spoiler, sturdy springs and a modified jetting for the carburetor, a Positrac diff, Power front disc brakes, a front stabilizer bar, 3.42:1 ratio positive-traction, heavy-duty front and rear shocks and heavy-duty rear anti-roll bar. It likewise had G60x15 Goodyear Polygas tires on 15×7-inches Buick Rallye chrome-plated wheels. A 4-speed manual transmission conveys the power from an automatically aspirated engine of 7.5 liter capacity to the driven wheels.

1970 buick gsx poster

The GSX Stage I version boasted bigger valves, a hotter cam, ported heads and some other performance improvements. There were a total of 678 GSX’s manufactured in 1970, of this number, 187 were white and 491 were yellow, only 400 were ordered with the Stage 1’s 360 horsepower and 510 ft. lbs of torque. Of the 678 cars, 479 were elective automatics and 199 had four-speed manual transmissions. Since insurance companies at the time were charging huge premiums based on the horsepower, General Motors fabricated the output at 360hp @ 4,2000rpm, although it was known to give between 415 to 425 hp.

1970 buick gsx engine

Its exterior had body stripes, and was only available in Saturn Yellow or Apollo White paint colors and whichever one you chose, it came with big black stripes across the hood. It also had a standard illuminated hood touch and color-keyed sport mirrors, adjustable by remote from the inside.

1970 buick gsx interior

The 1970 Buick Skylark GSX came in only a black interior with a “GSX” emblem on the dash pad, a padded steering wheel and had a hood-mounted tachometers and a brilliant piece of clock. It also had bucket seats dressed in Laredo-grain vinyl and Black Madrid.

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1970 Buick GSX price

The original purchase price of a 1970 Buick gsx was about $4478.00. The 2 door Hardtop Coupe went for about $4,479 while its counterpart, the 2 door Convertible was retailed around $4,665.

1970 buick gsx price

1970 Buick Skylark GSX review

The 1970 Buick Skylark GSX was a basic skylark GS with selective, highly efficient package obtainable on the GS 455 of 1970. The GSX was General Motors, Buick division very late entry into the Muscle Car market following less than impressive sales late in the 1969 model year. It was a well-designed and regal car that was regularly portrayed as a ‘doctor’s car.’ and presented by Buick as “A Brand New Brand of Buick”.
A very rare and powerful car back in the day, the 1970 Buick GSX is still coveted by car collectors and viewed as one of the best during the ’70.

1970 buick gsx review

1970 GSX Buick pictures