1970 Buick Skylark Gran Sport 455 specs, review

The Buick Gran sport 455 is a 2-door coupé car with a front mounted engine powering its rear wheels. The interior of the 1970 Buick Gran sport boasted an air Conditioner, a THM-400, Bucket seats, tinted glass, Power front Disc brakes, an AM radio, Tilt steering with Sport steering wheel and heavy duty suspension.

1970 buick gran sport review

Buick Gran Sport 1970 review

The 1970 Buick Gran sport 455 was Buick’s replacement for the GS400 of the previous year. Since General Motors ended the ban on engines better than 400cid in mid-sized models, Buick was fast to manufacture a 455cid edition in the Gran Sport line. The Gran sport 455 eventually became a serious drag-strip challenger and eventually pulled the interest of muscle car fans. Motor Trend magazine were capable of clocking 13.38 seconds for 400 meters strip; a remarkable outcome from a car of roughly two tones in weight and hence named the car ‘The quickest American production car we had ever tested.’

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1970 buick gran sport

1970 Buick Gran Sport 455 specs

The exclusive engine wasn’t fitted on any other GM brands, so it was unique to start with. The 1970 Buick Gran sport 455 engines included a Stage 1 version that had a high-lift camshaft, designed pistons, unique cylinder heads and tough transmissions. The Stage 1 was formally ranked at 360 hp, but fans alleged the exact horsepower was more correctly between 415 to 425 horsepower because of the larger valves and sturdier cam.

1970 buick gran sport 455

The Stage 1 455 got its power from highly efficient heads, a high-performance Rochester Quadra jet carburetor, an efficient distributor, a hot cam, and larger valves. Not only was it loaded with horsepower, its 510 lbs/ft of torque was capable of uprooting large trees. Buick continued the Stage 1 455 alternative through the 1973 model year. These upgrading together with a 3.64:1 geared positraction made for almost never-ending burnouts. With sticky tires a Stage 1 Buick was able of low 13 2nd quarter mile scores.

1970 buick gran sport review
Power is created by an overhead valve, 7.5 liter physically aspirated 8-cylinder motor, with 2-valves for each cylinder. This power is conveyed to the wheels via a 4-speed manual transmission gear box.

1970 buick gran sport

There was likewise an unusual Stage 2 choice manufactured. This was a dealer-fitted package, first presented in 1969. It incorporated a cam, intake manifold, headers, headers, high compression forged pistons, headers and calibration modifications to the carburetor and ignition. The parts were usually shipped in the trunk of the ordered car. In 1970 however, the Stage 2 package also incorporated a unique D-port exhaust port, matching Custom brand headers, Holley carburetor, and Stage 2 heads, high compression forged pistons, radical cam, Edelbrock B4B aluminum intake and extra components for racing although few of them ever made it that far.

1970 buick gran sport 455 interior

An unusual and rare Muscle Car that is absolutely of high value in the Muscle Car Market, the 1970 production winded down for both stages due to some problems with casting and reduce engine compression.