1970 Chevrolet Nova Yenko Deuce colors, review

In 1970 a total of only 175 Chevrolet Nova Yenkos were constructed. The car just like all of Don Yenko’s dealer-manufactured unique models, it was equipped with performance components way over what Chevrolet had planned and boasts a 350 cu-in V-8 engine producing 360HP and coupled to a 4-speed manual transmission.

1970 chevrolet nova yenko deuce front

1970 Chevrolet Nova Yenko Deuce review

It is encouraged by a 4.10 posi-traction rear end, power front disc brakes, dual exhaust, front and rear anti-roll bars, special Hurst shifter or TH400 automatic transmission, heavy-duty springs and cooling system, E70-14 wide belted tires joined to steel wheels with hubcaps the Nova Yenko was intended to avoid the interest of insurance agencies increasing rates on high-powered muscle cars, due to the fact that the stock 1970 Chevrolet Nova was a great deal less dominant.

1970 chevrolet nova yenko deuce rear

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The Yenko Deuce’s body stripes make it an unsurpassed super quick Nova that can’t be mistaken or missed.
All 175 Nova Yenko Deuces had a vaulted tachometer on the driver’s side hood and elegant Magnum 500 wheels. additional Yenko Deuce base standard components are an AM radio, black rubber floor mat covering, black bench seat, somewhat modernized door panels, power front disc brakes (drum brakes aft), and a unique interior lighting set. On the Yenko interior, “Deuce” lettering were inscribed on the upper middle sections of the door panels.

1970 chevrolet nova yenko deuce side

For optional features on the Chevrolet Yenko, you are free to order practically whatever thing you wanted that was dealer-offered. Yenko willingly offered a great wheel update, four 14×7 Atlas aluminum wheels having Yenko decals on each center cap. The spare tire though, was the car’s standard painted steel wheel. The Yenko tire size was E70x14.

1970 chevrolet nova yenko deuce rear quarter

As a whole, 173 out of the 175 COPO LT1 350 Novas built went straight to Yenko Chevrolet. The two left over were alleged to have been shipped to Canada. 122 of the 175 Yenkos were 4-speeds transmissions while the rest 53 were all TH400 automatics.

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1970 chevrolet nova yenko deuce front quarter

1970 Chevrolet Nova Yenko deuce colors

Of the 175, 1970 Chevrolet nova Yenko Deuces made, 25 were of Cortez silver colors, 35 were ordered in Fathom Blue, 10 citrus green models, 25 forest green cars, 25 were ordered in Gobi beige color, the sunflower yellow cars were a total of 10 in number, 10 Hugger orange were ordered and 35 cranberry red Deuces were built.

1970 chevrolet nova yenko deuce interior

The Chevrolet Nova Yenko Deuces turned out to be what muscle car dreams were made of and simply put; they were all breathtaking model cars.