1970 Mercury Cyclone GT: The Killer

In 1970, Mercury changed the style of their mid-size models, changes were made and the sports version of the Cyclone, remind you that there were three versions of the Cyclone 1970, the base model, the price of which starts at $ 3238, Cyclone the GT at $ 3226 and Spoiler whose price starts at $ 3759 and above.

1970 mercury cyclone gt ad

1970 Mercury Cyclone GT review

Citing the advertising slogans of the time, Cyclone GT was a “street fighter” with the qualities of a sports car, it is the character distinguishes it from the more pretentious Cyclone Spoiler, no spoilers, sports racing mirrors and stripes, only the bare muscles and mad torque. The new edgy style exterior car resembled a razor, smooth contours of the body, ending with sharp straight edges, silhouette made swift and harsh.

1970 mercury cyclone gt review

The car had a body with a continuously decreasing Fastback roofline, distinct from same platform 1970 Ford Torino, in front of a W-shaped lattice acted “gunsight”, which together with the ribbed hood became a reason for the car was nicknamed “killer”. But in fact, Mercury Cyclone GT with properly configured engine easily overtake the more expensive segment cars on the track, which also affected his popularity.

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It is also worth mentioning popular in the late 60s hidden headlights, in this they were hiding and went up by a vacuum actuator, and the center of the grille has fixed side lights. The idea, of course, is not new but it looks great.

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1970 Mercury Cyclone GT interior

The interior was unique as well – the only similar details with muscle cars of that era – 3-spoke steering wheel borrowed from Mustang.

The front panel has set of extra gauges mounted right at the center of it, exquisite center tonnel and pretty original dashboard though quite old-fashioned.

1970 mercury cyclone gt interior

1970 Mercury Cyclone GT specs

The base engine for the Cyclone GT was a 351 Cleveland V8 volume 5.7L issuing 250 horsepower at the SAE system (175 hp net). Also optionally you can order 429 Cobra Jet capacity of 7,0L producing 370 horsepower SAE (305 hp). As an option, it could set the 429 Super Cobra Jet (with optional Drag Pack) displacement of 7.0L producing 375 horsepower by SAE system (335 hp net) and Holley four-barrel carburetor. In the basic configuration the car had a 4-speed Hurst Shifter manual transmission.

1970 mercury cyclone gt engine

This results in a very fast street car, a bright representative of the immediate family of muscle cars with its own famous name and a catchy appearance.

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