1970 Plymouth Barracuda: a fish to wish for

We have already mentioned special editions 1970 Plymouth Barracuda with Hemi engines, better known as Hemi ‘Cuda in standalone article and in brief history of most popular Plymouth muscle cars.

Firstly, Plymouth Barracuda was just a modification of Valiant, which was quite a compact car. However, in 1970 Chrysler, along with introduction of Dodge Challenger, decided to give Barracuda a total redesign. It was planned that updated car will be a rival for popular Ford Torino and Chevrolet Chevelle, though it entry-level modifications. Unlike it, Barracuda was available not only as a coupe, but also as a 4-seat convertible.

1970 plymouth barracuda advert

Barracuda was mostly an entry level modifications of the car – there was most powerful ‘Cuda (BS), more luxurious Gran Coupe (BP) and finally simpliest Barracuda wear BH code. All those three was not a completely different car, more likely as a trim levels of Plymouth Barracuda. Moreover, some sources claimed there was a special low-cost version of Barracuda called Coupe, with B pillar in the place of rear passenger windows producing exculsively in 1971.

1970 Plymouth Barracuda specs

As the basic economical engines, 1970 Plymouth Barracuda offer two inline six cylinder engines. The first one was Slant-6 modification 198 cubic inch displacement (3.2L) and its 225 CID (3.6L) variation of the same engine. The first one produced only 125 HP and 180 ft lb of torque. This might be okay for a modern family car, but was a bit low for quite a big 2-door Barracuda, though it provides good fuel economy. The second one was just a little bit more powerful: 145 HP and 215 ft lb. With those engines Barracuda wasn’t a muscle car at all, but all car producers of that time offers simple I6 engines for its muscle cars – mainly for thrifty customers who wants design rather than performance.

1970 plymouth barracuda specs

Despite being the simpliest modification, Barracuda is also received big-block V8 engines. There was a choice of three: the first one is 318 CID (5.2L), producing around 200 HP and two versions of 383 cubic inch V8 (6.3L) of Chrysler B engine family, differentiated only by carburator system and exhaust (the first one equipped with 2-bbl carb, while the second one has 4-bbl and dual exhaust). The most powerful 383 CID engine producing around 330 HP gross. It was the top-end modification for Barracuda.

1970 Plymouth Barracuda price

Back in the 1970, base price for Barracuda with I6 engine was $2764. Compared with top-end ‘Cuda price of at least $3164. According to inflation calculations, the basic version Barracuda might cost in today prices from around $17,000.
However, to really buy one today you might need a higher sum of money. So, 1970 Plymouth Barracuda price in mint conditions in online auctions started approximately at $40,000.

1970 plymouth barracuda price

1970 Plymouth Barracuda images

1970 Plymouth Barracuda convertible

Convertible version Barracuda has almost no differences in comparison with coupe modification. It has manually folded soft roof and could accomodate 4 people. Convertible versions were built only in one plant at Hamtramck in Michigan. What is also interesting, convertible versions were available only as Barracuda model, ‘Cuda versions are extremely rare (only a few made) and costs a fortune. Gran Coupe was also available as convertible, which obviously leads to a pretty controversal naming (though available only in 1970).

1970 plymouth barracuda convertible

1970 Plymouth Barracuda Gran Coupe

Gran Coupe was a luxurious variant of ordinary Barracuda, equipped with leather bucket seats, better interior trimming and center console, with Gran Coupe badges all over the interior and on the front fenders, in the rear right after the Barracuda badge. Some versions was well equipped – it has power windows (even rear quarter) window and air conditioner.

1970 plymouth barracuda gran coupe

1970 Plymouth Barracuda colors

The car was available in 25 colors, starting at simple Silver, Light Blue, Alpine White to cool Plum Crazy, Rally Red, Moulin Rouge, Sahara Tan, etc.
Here is the full list of 1970 Plymouth Barracuda colors:

  • Alpine White
  • Black Velvet
  • Bright Blue
  • Burnt Orange
  • Burnt Tan
  • Citron Gold
  • Citron Mist
  • Dark Blue
  • Deep Burnt Orange
  • Frosted Teal
  • Ivy Green
  • Light Blue
  • Lime Green
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Plum Crazy
  • Rally Red
  • Sahara Tan
  • Sand Pebble Beige
  • Scorch Red
  • Silver
  • Sub Lime
  • Sunfire Yellow
  • Top Banana
  • Vitamin C Orange
  • Yellow Gold

1970 Plymouth Barracuda interior

The 1970 Barracuda interior was simple – just a long panel, with 4 dials dashboard, bench seats (bucket seats are optional), 3-spoke steering wheel of sporty design (unlike Chevys, installed in all trim levels). Optionally was available exqusite looking center tunnel with gear level. Gran Coupe modifications has overhead console. In other words, the interior of basic versions were simple, cheap but was modern in terms of design.

1970 plymouth barracuda interior