1970 Rebel The Machine specs, review

The 1970 AMC Rebel machine is a rear wheel drive 2-door sedan, passenger car with a front located engine; it fit into the 7010 model family from AMC. The machine although it was launched in 1970, production was discontinued in 1971 and it was replaced by “The AMC Matador”. It single year on the market is certainly a successful one, enough to warrant it deserving to be listed amongst the Greatest Cars of All Time.

1970 Rebel The Machine specs, review

1970 AMC Rebel The Machine car

American Motors, AMC was a bit late going into the muscle car marketplace, but when they eventually did they made massive waves.

Following the public launch of the 1969 Rambler rebel “Scrambler, AMC came back better with the 1970 amc rebel “the machine”, dubbed so specifically for its flashy white, red, and blue trimmings. A high-performance, low-cost muscle car, its one and only year on the market was a notable one. It boasted one of the potent engines AMC had ever presented in a standard production vehicle.

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1970 AMC Rebel The Machine car

1970 AMC Rebel Machine specs

AMC Rebel machine 1970 model was equipped with a diminutive 340-horsepower, 390-cube in V-8. A Borg-Warner T-10 4-speed manual transmission with a voluntary B-W automatic transmission available as well, a Hurst floor shifter supported by any of 3.54:1 and 3.91:1 back axle gear ratios.

1970 AMC Rebel The Machine side

1970 amc rebel the machine unquestionably boasted a racing figure with specs such as a Ram-Air ingestion hood scoop that was highlighted an Electric Blue color with a big 8000 rpm tachometer which is visible to the driver and is incorporated into an elevated position at the back of the scoop. A fat, trimmed-out 15-inch mag-style steel road wheels commonly referred to as “Machine wheels”. It had twin exhausts and low rear pressure mufflers. The red, white and blue paint color was voluntary for an additional $75.00.

1970 AMC Rebel The Machine interior

Power is supplied by an overhead valve, 6.4 liter physically aspirated 8-cylinder motor, with dual valves on each cylinder that generates power and torque. The engine in turn was fed by a 690-cfm Motor craft 4-barrel carburetor, and was pumped up a 10.0:1 compression needing high-octane gasoline. A 4-speed manual gearbox conveys the power to the machine wheels.

The interior was painted black and it was fitted with bucket seats and a center upholstered armrest which was made to give you much better comfort than most cars built around its era.

1970 AMC Rebel The Machine review

1970 AMC Rebel The Machine review

The Machine was built from partnership involving Hurst Performance and AMC and a total of 2,326 amc rebel the machine 1970 class produced. What stood out most about this car was that for its high level of performance it went for just $3,475 in the market. With the government enforcing emissions-stopping action, insurance companies looking for court cases, and a constantly changing market, “the Machine” era was only short-lived.

1970 AMC Rebel The Machine rear

Today, the few remaining models of the 1970 amc rebel “the machine” is a constant reminder that the tiny AMC once challenged the big cars on American streets and strips– and emerged champion.

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