1971Chevelle SS: 1971Chevy Chevelle modification review

The 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle is a medium sized Muscle Car manufactured by Chevrolet in three generations between 1964 through to 1977 model years. By 1971, the once dominant Chevelle began to falter. The 300 Deluxe series’ name was altered to simply ‘Chevelle.’ The base Chevelle was basically identical to the 300 Deluxe, presenting just two models, the 4-door sedan and the sports coupe.

1971 Chevelle design

1971 Chevelle review

However, the major modifications were done under the hood. General Motors endorsed a regulation that all engines have to perform on unleaded fuel and as such they broke down its engines and launched two new engines. The new standard V8 was a double barrel single-exhaust option, while the optional 350CID had 270HP. The 402 engine was renamed the Turbo Jet 400 and was obtainable as only 300HP.

1971 Chevrolet Chevelle classic

In 1971, 2,275,694 Chevrolet automobiles were manufactured, with most of them Chevelles. 35,600 were base Chevelles, there were 43,200 wagons, 5,089 Malibu convertibles, 249,000 Malibu and 80,000 were Super Sports. The low-cost model among all was the 4-door sedan, priced at $3000, trailed closely by the sports coupe, priced at $3,150.

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71 Chevelle rear view

1971 Chevy Chevelle specs

1971 Chevelle SS specs were the following: four engine options were available for buyers to select from, the Turbo-Fire 350 with either a 2- or 4-barrel carburetor, the Turbo-Fire 307 with a 2-barrel carburetor and the turbojet 400–a 402-Cu. in. Big-block Chevrolet. The base 250 six block wasn’t obtainable in the Heavy Chevy, neither the 454.

1971 Chevrolet Chevelle engine

The LS6 option was discarded. Rather the LS5 option saw an increase of 5hp churning out 365HP. The SS package was obtainable with practically any Malibu and Chevelle. The 396 was no longer the standard SS motor. As well, the well-known 350CID motor was installed into the Chevelle this year.

1971 Chevy Chevelle exterior

The 1971 Chevelle SS saw some slight cosmetic alterations such as single headlights, integrated turn signal lamps, a modified grille and bumper, and integral signal lights. New dual round taillights were also integrated with the back bumper.

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1971 Chevelle front view


1971 Chevelle pictures

1971 Chevelle SS review

The 1971 Chevelle SS included only one SS package, called the RPO Z15. It incorporated the option of all of the V-8s obtainable as Malibu upgrades, in addition to a 454-cubic-inch V-8 restricted to the SS package alone. This engine, called the LS5, fashioned 365HP, an augmentation from the 360HP given by the same model in 1970. Since the 454 was the sole engine that needed an SS package, many view the SS package for 1971 as primarily a show piece, more than converting into performance.

1971 Chevelle SS rear view

1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS specs

Available in all models as package (350cid, 396 or 400CID, 454CID). Chrome wheel moldings, cowl induction hood, SS badges, decorative engine compartment and heavy duty suspension. The smallest Chevelle SS engine capacity was a 2-barrel 350-cubic-inch V8 slated at 245 gross Horsepower. Available optionally was a 4-barrel carbureted version of the 350 V8 rated at 275 gross (175 net with single exhaust and 200 net with dual exhaust) horsepower.

1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS front view

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The 402CID big-block engine remained optional as the SS 396 but was only obtainable in one horsepower rating, 300 gross horsepower, and was not obtainable with cowl induction. The base LS5 454 V8 manufactured 365 gross and 285 net horsepower, but cowl induction was presented that gave more power because of the air induction and a louder exhaust system.

1971 marked the beginning of the death of muscle cars as this was the year sales and specifications began to drop. Muscle cars attained their pinnacle in 1970 and 1971, by 1972 they were been relegated to history.

1971 Chevy Chevelle SS red

1971 Chevy Chevelle
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Design
  • Collectibility


1971 Chevelle was redesigned, keeps its massive 454 engine, but due to many reasons including tighten of emissions regulations, the popularity of Chevelle begins to decline rapidly.

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