1971 Chrysler 300 – Big Fat Luxury

The Chrysler 300 was made between 1962 and 1971, it replaced the Chrysler Windsor and was considered to be the luxurious muscle car; all the power of Dodge and Plymouth, but with the luxury and refinement of Chrysler. Built upon the ‘C’ platform.

The best comparison of a vehicle today would be the BMW M5.

1971 Chrysler 300 brochure

1971 Chrysler 300 Design

For 1971, Chrysler dropped the Convertible, the 300 was only available as a 2-door hardtop, but it was styled along the lines of the most popular tech of the day; jets and space exploration. The ‘Fuselage’ styling meant a clean and uncluttered look, with a wraparound grille and hidden headlights, hinting at menace.

1971 Chrysler 300 design

1971 Chrysler 300 Interior

As you’d expect, it was all plush carpets and vinyl. Bench seats were standard, but buckets were an option that many people chose.
The rear bench seat was said to be big enough for someone of 5 foot tall to easily stretch out on across the width. This car was all about size, comfort and performance.

1971 Chrysler 300 interior

1971 Chrysler 300 Specs

The Chrysler 300 was one of the last full size sedans produced from that era; even back then, it was considered big.
Overall Length: 224.6” Wheelbase: 124” Curb Weight: 4,314 lbs

This was a big car, and heavy! Most of the competition weighed in under 3,600 lbs at the time. Chrysler’s thinking was “bigger, roomier & more powerful”; it would comfortably seat 6 passengers.

1971 Chrysler 300 Performance

Two choices of engine were available, both 440 ci (7.2 liter) V8 based, the top performance model was the ‘TNT’ which kicked out 370 BHP and 480 lb/ft, although legislation was on the way to making those figures outdated; 370 BHP became 335 BHP.

1971 Chrysler 300 engine

The TNT model had a high lift cam along with an upgraded 4 barrel carburetor to squeeze in a little extra fuel.

Theoretical top speed was 119 MPH and 0 – 60 dash would happen in 10 seconds flat, despite the weight, it was still fairly sprightly. The pay off was gas mileage; returning around 11 MPG.
There was no manual transmission available for ’71, only the three speed TorqueFlite auto.

1971 Chrysler 300 Collectability and Price

We haven’t found a single 1971 Chrysler 300 for sale at the time of writing, but a little research tells us that the current prices are in the region of $22,000 for a good example. The original sticker price when new was in the region of $5,000, depending on exact specification.

1971 Chrysler 300 Images