1971 Dodge Super Bee: the Last Bee

Originally appearing as a more advanced version of the super successful Road Runner, Super Bee used the same recipe – take a simple cheap model, install a V8 engine as powerful as possible, and that’s it. Coronet model has been taken as a basis. The recipe worked quite well until 1971, when Coronet lost two-door versions. Then, in the case has entered the body from the then-produced Charger. That’s why the 1971 Dodge Super Bee is unique – is in fact the last classic Super Bee and the last used concept of a simple, cheap, but powerful muscle car.
The next model was produced with the legendary name for Mexico market, and had nothing to do with American namesake. In addition, it was based on the platform of the compact Dart and Duster.

1971 dodge super bee review

1971 Dodge Super Bee review

While being look alike there was a question – how to position Super Bee to Charger? It’s simple – Charger has always been more expensive and advanced model. He had a powerful Magnum and Hemi engines, a more pleasant interior finish and a greater variety of options. Super Bee adhered to a simple formula – “the main engine is more powerful,” and the rest were in general anyway. Therefore, when the Charger Super Bee began to look almost identical, to dissolve them in the eyes of the buyer on the opposite side, it was made the classical solution. So, Super Bee will receive a different color and options, simpler engines (Hemi only for a fee), and of course more affordable price.

1971 dodge super bee brochure

1971 Dodge Super Bee price and collectibility

In 1971, the cheapest Super Bee cost $3,300. It was cheaper than the simplest Charger. At the moment, some modifications, especially with the Hemi engine, which was released only 22, appreciating more expensive than any Charger. It was built just over 5 thousand cars, so that the trading value of 1971 Dodge Super Bee is quite high. Minimal price for the mint condition car is around $ 35,000.

1971 Dodge Super Bee design

Design repeats Charger – Dual “nostril” in the front, with two pairs of headlamps, long hood and a short rear overhang, with large taillights. Super Bee has different icons, color scheme, bee-stickers. At the same time there is Charger inscription on the trunk lid, hinting again that this is just a simple trim level.

1971 dodge super bee design

The interior also was the same center console, a scattering of round gauges, 3-spoke steering wheel. Versions with manual transmission had a cool looking  “pistol grip” handle.

1971 Dodge Super Bee specs

Despite the fact that the Super Bee was positioned as the affordable muscle car, the engines were not weak, and in fact in no way inferior to the more expensive and advanced competitors and “relatives”.
Super Bee of the 1971 model year was the first and only model with the base engine small block V8, just 5.6 liters of displacement, however producing enough power – 275 HP. Then ordinary big-block V8 engines were avaialble: 383 cubic-inch (6.3L) producing 300 HP; two 440 Magnum (7.2-liter) engines, producing 370 or 385HP (due to different settings and fuel system).

1971 dodge super bee engine

Hemi engines, which widely used on another muscle cars made by Chrysler corporation, could be installed in Super Bee only optionally. Nevertheless, it was the most powerful modification, producing 425 HP, with 426 CID of displacement.

1971 Dodge Super Bee images