1971 Dodge Superbee – the ultimate Charger

The 1971 Dodge Superbee (so called after the B-body platform) was perhaps the last of the true performance Super Bee’s; come 1972, Dodge dropped the high performance engines from the line-up, even the ’71 versions had dropped a few horses compared to previous years.

For 1971, Dodge built the Superbee on the Charger platform, it shared quite a few components and design style. It came with a list of options, one being a Hemi engine, although there were only 22 Hemi versions built; just nine with the four-speed transmission and thirteen with the Torqueflite.

Prices for the base model with the Magnum V8 started at $3,271, which even then was considered quite a low price for what you were getting – it was a budget muscle car.

1971 Dodge Charger Superbee design

1971 Dodge Superbee Design

A two-door semi-fastback model, based upon the legendary Charger. The 1971 version actually looked a little longer than the previous models, but was in fact 2” shorter, although it was a little wider. The 1971 model is recognizable by the split bumper design and concealed windshield wipers.

1971 Dodge Superbee Interior

The interior of the 1971 Super Bee was lifted directly from the 500 Charger line, all apart from the front seats, which came (as standard) as a bench, but buckets were an option.

1971 Dodge Superbee interior

1971 Dodge Superbee Specs

As standard, the Super Bee came with a 383 Magnum V8, producing about 300 BHP, coupled up to a 3-speed floor shifter. It also had a black ‘power bulge’ hood, tape striping and Bee decals. However, the options list was pretty vast; it included a 440 cid 6 bbl, 440 cid 6 bbl auto and a 426 Hemi (425 BHP). You could also spec up with a Music Master AM radio, power steering, chrome exhaust tips, center console with woodgrain panel, tinted glass, front disc brakes, 70 Ah battery, color keyed bumpers, bucket seats and Deluxe wheel covers.

1971 Dodge Superbee performance

1971 Dodge Superbee Performance

With a minimum of 300 BHP, the Super Bee was pretty quick, in today’s standards though, it would feel quite slow thanks to the weight and lazy transmission. However, don’t forget, suspension and brakes from the late 60’s and early 70’s will make anything feel fast!

1971 Dodge Superbee Collectability and Price

There were just 5,054 Super Bee’s produced in ’71, of those, just 22 were Hemi’s. Prices fluctuate enormously dependent on the model and options fitted. Expect to pay around $30,000 for a fairly basic model, and perhaps just a bit more than $60,000 for the exclusive Hemi version.

1971 Dodge Superbee images

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