1972 Dodge Dart Demon – little underpowered devil

The Dodge Dart was originally built between 1960 – 1976 (starting in the North American market), as a full-size car, but as the production process went on, it went to mid and then compact.
Although marketed as a muscle car, it seems that it was more show than go, with engine choices being a bit limited on the horsepower front, even by today’s standards, the Dart was a little short in that department. However, this means that prices are reasonable enough if you’re looking as a collector for an investment.

1972 Dodge Dart Demon Design

A 2-door hardtop coupe, typical of the 70’s styling with a long hood, featuring an air scoop (the 1972 model had a single scoop that replaced the previous models twin scoop), fat wheels and a V8 motor to give it the required noise (if not the power).

1972 Dodge Dart Demon design

1972 Dodge Dart Demon Interior

The ’72 model had an updated instrument cluster, featuring a large rectangular speedo and several smaller round gauges. Add in the usual mixture of bucket seats and vinyl, with a little chrome plating splashed about, and you have the typical recipe for a 70’s muscle car; doesn’t matter whether that’s a Ford, Buick, Dodge … they stuck to the same recipe because it worked.

1972 Dodge Dart Demon interior

The ’72 version had a revised grille with no central divider and it also featured surface mounted side marker lights. The Demon had metal “Demon” badges without the small Devil character from ’71 onwards.

1972 Dodge Dart Demon Specs

Wheelbase: 108” Length: 192.5” Curb Weight: 2888 lbs
Choice of manual and auto transmission, factory options were limited, this was the budget end of muscle motoring.

1972 Dodge Dart Demon performance

1972 Dodge Dart Demon Performance

They really wasn’t much performance, even from the big 318 cid (5.2 liter) V8 – 150 BHP was pretty much your lot, the other options being an inline 6; 198 cid (3.2 liter) or 225 cid (3.7 liter) with just 100 BHP and 110 BHP respectively. None of the motors packed a punch; even back then, the competition was pretty much all way above 300+ BHP.

1972 Dodge Dart Demon review

1972 Dodge Dart Demon Collectability and price

As we’ve already stated, the Dodge Dart Demon was a bit of a lightweight when it came to muscle motoring, more of a Sugar Ray Robinson than Muhammed Ali. Thanks to this, values are pretty low.

Even for a full concours example, you’ll pay no more than $30,000 (which when compared to something like a Mustang, is a steal). A fair condition model will cost you in the region of $10,000, perhaps a little less.

1972 Dodge Dart Demon images

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