1972 Ford Gran Torino: coke bottle movie star

The Ford Gran Torino was named after the Italian city of “Turin” which is the center of the automotive industry in Italy. In the US, Ford Gran Torino had the same cult car status as a FireBird, or Mustang.

1972 Gran Torino review

To say that the 1972 Ford Torino can not be confused with anything means to say nothing. Car visually recognized by the chrome edged headlights and oval grille. Compared with its predecessor from the 60s, it completely lost its window panes. And indeed, people thought that 1972 model design is more reminiscent of Coca-Cola bottle shape.

1972 Ford Gran Torino ad

Visually 1972 Ford Gran Torino can be distinguished by the oval grille and chrome surround headlights. Besides coupe, which actually was called fastback, Gran Torino was available in Hardtop sedan body type (sedan without window frames and without the stand between the side windows), and station wagon (Torino Squire).
Of course, coupe looks more attractive. The car can be compared with the pleasure boat. Especially unusual for today’s motorists seem grille in the shape resembles an oval or rectangle, which lies on the long side, which has rounded edges. On each side of the car there were two round headlights, with the chrome edging. This was very typical for cars throughout 60s and 70s.

1972 Ford Gran Torino review

The hood of the car has a dual air intake. It helps to cool the space under the hood.  Front and rear bumpers are made of durable, good-looking, chrome-plated metal. Given the fact that most of
the nearly 500,000 produced Ford Gran Torino now have chrome in excellent condition – original quality of production and assembly it was quite high.

1972 Gran Torino brochure

The car was rarely painted strictly in one color, usually to the sides were added strips of various colors (depending on the body color strip could be of different colors). This method allows visually lengthen the car even more and to reduce massiveness as far as possible. in the rear 1972 Gran Torino looks massive, but this is the rare case when it suits the car.

1972 Ford Gran Torino interior

Designers slightly updated the interior of Ford Torino 1972 comparing with the previous generation car. Now in all cars there was dashboard installed made of plastic. The instrument cluster on it consisted of five sensors: the actual speedometer, fuel gauge, temperature, and a pair of warning lights.

1972 Ford Gran Torino interior

They were all the same size. On V8 models also installed speedometer with odometer and tachometer. New seats were not separated, but have integrated headrests on both the front and rear. There was comfort weave upholstery, available optionally.

1972 Gran Torino dimensions

Wheelbase: 116 in
Length: 201 in
Width: 74.6 in

1972 Ford Gran Torino dimensions

1972 Ford Gran Torino specifications

Compared with the previous model, the 1972 Gran Torino received a 2 inches wider track, and the first in the history of Torino rear suspension can be equipped with stabilizers. On both axes of Torino drum brakes were mounted.

1972 Gran Torino specs

Inline 6 cylinder engine with 4.1L displacement installed on less powerful versions of Gran Torino. The engine has the compression ratio 8.0: 1, this engine provides torque of 181 ft lb, which is comparable with BMW engines from 90s. However, it was too low for the car. Like many other American muscle cars, Torino has a long main couple with a gear ratio – 3.0: 1. The 4.1l displacement is due to 93.5mm bore and 99.3mm stroke. You can’t name the car muscle without huge V8 engine. Therefore, more common for 1972 Ford Gran Torino was the 351 V8 CJ-4V volume of 5.8L. This engine has an output of 248 HP and torque 297 ft lb. These power characteristics make it possible to accelerate up to 60 in 6.8s. The most powerful of the V8 fitted to Torino has a volume of 7.0l. – it was famous 428 cubic inches engine with 8 cylinders, producing up to 370 HP and even more.

1972 Ford Gran Torino engine

The car was equipped with a 3 or 4 speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission.

1972 Ford Gran Torino images