1972 Monte Carlo SS and 1972 Monte Carlo specs

The Chevrolet Monte Carlo is a world famous two door coupe that was developed by Chevrolet. The first ever Monte Carlo was manufactured in 1970 and they have evolved through six different generations till 2007. Out of these cars, the Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1972 holds a prominent place. This car was initially marketed by the company as a personal luxury car.

1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo pictures


1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Specs

The Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1972 came along with a Cadillac like egg crate grille. The design was similar to the 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The only change in terms of design is the introduction of metal rear trim molding. In fact, it was the final year of the first generation vehicle that was released by Chevrolet. This model was available with any engine that was manufactured by the company. They have also introduced Monte Carlo custom badges, which were similar to the Impala Custom.

The engine of 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo were unchanged. However, a reduction in the power rating of Chevrolet engines could be seen with the industry wide switch to SAE net. Four different variations of the engine could be seen in this car. They include a 5.7L two barrel engine with a 165hp rating, 5.7L four barrel engine with a 175hp engine, 6.6L four barrel engine with a 240hp engine and a 7.4L four barrel engine with a 270hp.

1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo History

Chevrolet Monte Carlo can be considered as the last car to hit the market in the first generation of Monte Carlo. Therefore, it had almost all the features that could be found on the predecessors. It was a rear wheel drive car. The body on frame construction that could be seen on Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1972 played a major role behind its popularity. It became popular in all parts of the world as well.

1972 Monte Carlo history

1972 Monte Carlo SS

The four speed manual transmission model of Chevrolet Monte Carlo was discontinued in 1972. As a result, they marketed the car as a “Sorry, no 4 on the floor”. It came along with a three speed manual transmission gear box. People also had the ability to purchase it with an automatic transmission that was powered by a Power glide system. The 350 two barrel engine was paired with a three speed hydromantic turbo engine.

1972 Monte Carlo SS

The variable ratio power steering was the most prominent feature that can be found in Chevrolet Monte Carlo. In fact, this feature became a first time standard. The interior trim was not changed from the predecessor. A standard bench seat option was also available to the users. Or else, they had the ability to go to an optional bucket seat model. Cloth interiors were offered to the buyers along with both these seat types. This car received a lot of attention from potential customers who live in every corner of the world and they even increased the production as a result.