1974-1975 Buick Riviera: losing personality

In 1974 Buick Riviera had lost its “boat tail” and elegant contours of the body, and the weight increased to 4572 pounds. Engines in displacement of 455 cubes are now producing only 210 hp on the net and continued to decline in power. It is continued to decline until 1978, the year when the 455 was replaced by 350 and 403 cu in V8. The car is not gained fans. Large, sloppy, with sluggish style sides, inexpressive roofline and dull overall design. Sales fell again. It was impossible to sold more than 20 thousand cars a year, In 1975 sales declined to total 17306 copies. Redesign of 1974 Riviera and then 1975 facelift didn’t save the sales.

1974-1975 Buick Riviera review

Next generation Buick Riviera evolved from a hardtop coupe with pillars with built-in opera windows. Protruding grille has been re-used, which, however, has been modified for the new look.
The car mostly had lost their personality, became to look way more alike Oldsmobile Toronado than before.
This model lost its glamor and recognition of their predecessors, and gave way to palm Cadillac Eldorado.

1974 buick riviera brochure

Vehicle weight increased only slightly, but its engine lost power, famous 455 V8 engine, due to stricted emission regulations, producing only 230 HP (gross) in standard trim and 15 HP more in Stage One.
Max Trac traction control system, debuted on 1971 Buick Riviera was discontinued.

1974 buick riviera interior

In comparison with the previous generation Buick Riviera, the interior had changed only slightly. There are a new steering wheel, rectangular air vents of updated design. The overall concept of the interior remains the same, center console was rotated to the driver; upholstery materials remain high-quality.

1974 buick riviera front

In 1975 Riviera got a new front end, including new headlights and grille. Stage One option was discontinued, though Grand Sport remains. Standard engine power was dropped to 205 HP. 1975 model year car also features the same rearlights as Toronado, mounted above trunk and below rear window. Those changes, undoubtedly cannot save the sales and it was continue to decline.

1974 buick riviera rear

The interior of 1975 Riviera was modified – center console now becomes flat, air vents increased in size. Dashboard changed from almost square to rectangle. The overall concept of interior front panel changed to “two level” – in the first level there were air vents, dashboard and glovebox. Above it was level for the rest – radio, climate control and other controls. This design was unified with another Buick models of 1975 including Buick Electra.

1974 Buick Riviera photos

1975 Buick Riviera photos