1974 Buick Apollo GSX – Not A Sport Anymore

The Buick Apollo was manufactured between 1973 – 1975, it was based on the GM X platform and was considered to be a compact, although in reality, it wasn’t that compact.

The GSX designation really meant nothing, aside from a few stickers and decals – go faster stripes basically. Because of this, there isn’t much demand for the Buick Apollo GSX, and thanks to it being just decals, you’re never really going to know whether it’s a factory GSX or added on by ‘Joe’ in his backyard.

1974 Buick Apollo GSX brochure

1974 Buick Apollo GSX Design

A 2-door coupe, but with no styling, handling or performance options, the GSX designation was nothing more than decals and striping. Not even a different wheel design. There were options for ‘sporty, color matched sideview mirrors’ though.

1974 Buick Apollo GSX design

The GSX had a blacked out front grille, dual sport mirrors and ‘special appearance striping’.

1974 Buick Apollo GSX Interior

Perhaps the best thing that could be said for the Apollo GSX was that each one that had a radio fitted had a hidden antenna in the windshield that gave great reception without the need for an ugly external antennae. Air conditioning was available as an option, but the majority left the factory without.

1974 Buick Apollo GSX interior

1974 Buick Apollo GSX Specs

Original price: $3,284
Overall length: 200.2” Wheelbase: 111” Curb Weight: 3,505 lbs Power: 100 BHP
For 1974, the 2-speed Powerglide auto transmission was dropped from the option list.

1974 Buick Apollo GSX Performance

One word; lowly. Or perhaps woeful. Slow.
The base Apollo GSX came with an inline 6 cylinder engine, 250 ci – 4 liter. It made 100 BHP and 175 lb/ft of torque. Top speed (estimated) was 98 MPH and 0 – 60 happened in 15.6 seconds; muscle car it isn’t!
Even the V8 350 ci (5.7 liter) only made 150 BHP.

1974 Buick Apollo GSX engine

1974 Buick Apollo GSX Collectability and Price

The 1974 Buick Apollo GSX wasn’t popular. The GSX option could be added at anytime after the car left the factory, so you’re not going to know whether you’re buying a genuine factory model or not, unless the owner can provide original sales documentation.

1974 Buick Apollo GSX specs

In all honesty, there are plenty of other auto’s out there that will be better, that give you the classic American muscle car look (and performance). Perhaps the best thing we can say about the Apollo GSX is that prices are low; expect to pay less than $4,000 for a good one, and that’s with the V8 – the inline 6 will set you back less than $3,500.

1974 Buick Apollo GSX Images