1974 Chevy Nova, 1974 Chevy Nova SS specs, pictures

Rather than focusing on any modifications, the 1974 Chevrolet Nova was aimed at perfecting the previous model and clearly they achieved that, as Nova sales surged upwards and came close to 400,000 car sales in 1974. Six-cylinder Novas were the preferred models, as V-8 Nova sales dropped.

1974 chevrolet nova

1974 Chevrolet Nova

1974 was one of the years of energy crisis as Middle Eastern countries decreased oil exports. Subsequent to queueing for hours at gas stations and worrying about the probability of fuel rationing, economical mid-size cars seemed like a better option to lots of Americans and the Chevrolet Nova was the perfect choice.

1974 chevrolet nova hatchback

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The “Spirit of America” Chevrolet Nova was launched in 1974 in expectation of the U.S. bicentennial in 1976. They had white paints and boasted blue and red accent stripes in addition to red and blue interior fabrics and carpets.

1974 chevrolet nova spirit of america

The 1974 Nova was obtainable as a coupe, sedan, or 2-door hatchback. The hatchback body styles could be optioned with two-tone finishes and 11 new colors were presented.

1974 Chevy Nova pictures

1974 Chevrolet Nova specs

The 1974 Chevy Nova featured bigger parking lights and novel bow-tie grille emblems, in addition to custom-made bumpers that extended the length by two inches and helped soften small impacts. The Powerglide was substituted for a lightweight edition of the 3-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 already available with the 350 cu in (5.7 L) V8 engine, which was the sole V8 offered for 1974.

1974 chevrolet nova side

The Chevy Nova 1974 were integrated with a weight perceptive transmitter inside the front seat that barred the car from starting if the driver’s seatbelt was not fastened, subsequent to a safety directive from the NHTSA. Shortly, a law passed by Congress rescinded the directive governing this form of mechanism, and finally owners of 1974-model cars had the seat belt interlock circumvented and absent in new models.

1974 chevrolet nova side

Standard features incorporated foam rear seats, full-foam front seats, color-keyed rubber floor coverings, dual-speed electric wipers, flow-through ventilation system, external rearview mirror on the left side of vehicle, a 250-cubic-inch six-cylinder engine and cargo-guard luggage compartment (excluding the hatchback).

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1974 chevrolet nova poster

1974 Nova SS

The 1974 Chevrolet Nova SS wasn’t available as a standalone model, but rather as an optional package and was more of a sporty trim than a performance option. This package was obtainable on every Nova with any engine option wanted, and incorporated a blacked out grilled, Rally wheels and SS emblems. A total of 21,419 Nova SS 1974 was integrated with this option. The base price for a 1974 Nova with a six-cylinder engine was $2,811.

1974 chevrolet nova ss

1974 Chevrolet Nova SS specs

1974 Nova SS hatchbacks and notchbacks possessed either a 100-HP 6-cylinder engine or a 350-cubic-inch V-8 of 145 or 185 HP. Steel-belted radial tires were obtained for the very first time. Ordering the 185-horsepower V-8 included a Muncie 4-speed floor-shift with enhanced connection.

The 250 I6 stayed standard, and transmission selection, excluding the 2-speed Powerglide, stayed the same too. The 350-4 got a 10-horsepower increase to 185.

1974 chevrolet nova ss front quarter

1974 Chevy Nova SS pictures

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