1974 Dodge Challenger specs, review

With the drastic increase in insurance rates for performance cars, gas prices on the rise, more safety gear led the few changes effected for the 1974 Dodge Challenger models, and due to these sales were considerably low.

Dodge Challenger 1974 review

With the mandating of new federal emissions standard enacted in 1972 that strictly limited power options, the most potent option in 1974 was the 360 CID V8 that gave 245 Horsepower which came standard in all Rallye models.

dodge challenger 1974

On the whole, production of 1974 challenger was 16,437, a little over half the Dodge Challengers manufactured in 1973. The numbers weren’t adequate for Dodge to continue production for another year and Dodge Challenger productions ceased in late April 1974.

Dodge Challenger 1974

1974 Dodge Challenger specs

The 1974 Dodge Challenger presented a special engine option for 1974 models. The 318-cubic-inch V-8 still remained standard, but a 360-cubic-inch V-8 giving 245 horsepower substituted the 340-cubic-inch V-8 as the only option available.

1974 Dodge Challenger specs

On designs and trimmings, practically nothing was altered from ’73 model to 74. The foremost modification was beneath the hood as a longer-stroke LA engine option: the 360-4 was launched. With considerably more low-cost torque, this became a much better fit with the mid’70s model, as performance became drastically enhanced, as well as drivability, creating one of the best-functional “smog era” high performance cars. It was obtainable in 3-speed automatic and 4-speed manual transmissions.

1974 Dodge Challenger specs

1974 Dodge Challenger interior

The 1974 challenger interior has lap and shoulder belts which were outfitted with inertia reel. Also, there was a federal law passed on seatbelt-ignition interlock, which barred the car from starting if the driver or passenger didn’t buckle up their seat belts. Standard features included deep-pile carpeting, cigarette lighter, vinyl bucket seats, and replicated wood-grain door inserts.

1974 Dodge Challenger interior

1974 Dodge Challenger Rallye 360 review

The Challenger Rallye 360 sales were low and it happens to be one of the rarest Challenger models. A total of 16,437 Dodge Challengers were sold during a single year and of those, about 6,063 of them are said to be Dodge Rallye 360 cars although the exact figure is not known.

1974 Dodge Challenger rallye 360

There is no specific number of either automatic or manual transmissions built. The 360 V8 engine option is denoted as ‘L’ on the VIN plate, while ‘G’ is for the 318 two barrel V8. Its exterior features include the tape stripes, the side scoops, two hood scoops, unique wheels, and F70 x 14 raised white letter tires, while the interior include a console, radio, Pistol Grip, rallye dash, rear window defogger, remote driver side mirror, tinted glass, and a two spoke steering wheel.

1974 Dodge Challenger colors

The 74’ challengers were available in colors; Avocado Gold, Eggshell, Bright Red, Light Blue, Burnished Red, Frosty Green, Lucerne Blue, Deep Sherwood, Dark Chestnut, Parchment, Dark Moonstone, Sienna, Black, Golden Fawn, Golden Haze, Yellow Blaze, and Dark Gold.

1974 Dodge Challenger

The Challenger legacy has consistently grown since it was ceased, and the fact that it was reinvented in 2008 sporting a retro styling that adopted features from the 1970’s models additionally demonstrates its enduring appeal.

  • Mark Marky

    The 360 4bbl still did 13.99 in the 1/4 mile !! 100 % stock ! I had a new car magazine review and they got one running 14.5 in the 1/4 and that’s with tire spin..I know a guy whom has a 100% stock one and raced it in the 80’s and he ran high 13’s.,100% stock !! Car was only 6 years old..He races it every now and then and it still pulls high 13’s low 14’s,thats with a 360 ! He is getting old and he let me run it a few times,but not my car and I hate driving someone elses car,I did a 15.6 lol then he told me to give it,who care if it breaks..So,next was a 14.20 then a WHAM !!!! 13.98 @103 mph !! Awesome for a smog motor 360 that was never out of the car or touched,stock carb even !! Stock exhaust manifolds, has Dynomax mufflers everything is original !!