1974 Dodge Charger – the last of real Chargers

The 1974 Dodge Charger is the archetypal American muscle car; get anyone to name a handful of classic American muscle and you can bet that the Charger name will come up. Heck, some would even say that it is THE muscle car.

Remarkably, the prices don’t really reflect that; prices for the ‘74 classic are surprisingly low, perhaps the ’74 was the one that everyone wanted to avoid.
Whatever the reason, if you want some classic American muscle on a budget, the ’74 Charger has to be on the list.

1974 Dodge Charger poster

1974 Dodge Charger Design

As with all of the classic American muscle, we’re talking long and low with a loud V8. Only available in a 2-door coupe, the Charger looked mean and moody.
For ’74, the rear lights had been redesigned, it also had a revised front grille and large rubber bumpers fitted. They were pretty much the only updates over the previous year’s model.

1974 Dodge Charger brochure

1974 Dodge Charger Interior

The same as most other classic cars from the ‘70’s; lots of vinyl, bucket seats, large steering wheel and wall-to-wall carpeting.
They had a full instrument cluster including tacho, and were comfy, despite being considered to be sporty.

1974 Dodge Charger interior

1974 Dodge Charger Specs

Length – 214”, Wheelbase – 115”, Height – 52.2”, Width – 77”, Curb Weight – 3,726 lbs
Options for 3 or 4-speed manual and of course, 3-speed auto.

1974 Dodge Charger specs

1974 Dodge Charger Performance

There were quite a few different options when it came to power and performance; a couple of six cylinder motors and five V8 versions: 318 cid – 150 BHP, 360 cid – 245 BHP, 400 cid – 205 BHP, 400 cid – 250 BHP and the 440 cid with 275 BHP.

In today’s power figures, that’s pretty low, even more so considering the size of the motor – 7.2 liter in the hot version, but remember we’re on a carb, points ignition and low octane fuel.
0 – 60 went by in around 10 seconds and the top speed was just over 110 MPH, although of course, if you were to try that 100+ MPH today, it would feel more like 150 MPH thanks to the lack of handling and road holding.

1974 Dodge Charger design

1974 Dodge Charger Collectability and price

Prices are low for the ’74 Charger; you can pick up a concours one for under fifteen grand and a ‘fair’ condition one could be yours for as little as $4,000. That’s cheap American classic muscle.
Given that prices are so low, you’d have to say that although they’re popular, they aren’t quite as collectible as some of the other American classics.

1974 Dodge Charger Images

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