1974 Ford Gran Torino: the famous police duet car

We all remember the famous heroes of Starsky and Hutch, who performed stunts in pursuits on a red with white stripes muscle car. So, this car was a Ford Gran Torino ’74. This is, in fact, the last of these, powerful cars with huge engines. Already in 1975 the emergence of catalytic converters “strangled” engines actually killing muscle cars as a segment.

1974 ford gran torino brochure

In 1974, the Torino model lineup has grown to several modifications – simply Torino, Gran Torino Brougham, Gran Torino Elite, and Gran Torino Sport.

1974 Ford Gran Torino design

Models of 1973 and 1974 are very similar in appearance, but 74 Gran Torino features a more rigorous design of the front fascia. The grille is divided into 8 segments of equal width. License plate shifted to the driver’s side. There are optional opera windows – a very fashionable feature for the 1970s cars. Bumper guards became closer to each other. Fastback coupe was no longer available for purchase.

The interior of the car has remained virtually unchanged since 1972 Ford Gran Torino. Dashboard remained the same huge, occupying most of the front panel, with a scattering of different gauges. A new two-spoke steering wheel appeared. Major changes have been associated with safety and equipment.

1974 Ford Gran Torino equipment

With the introduction of 1974 model year car, Gran Torino has become more luxury-oriented. Which means better upholstery materials; new power accessories, such as sunroof; cruise control and split bench seats. As for the safety measures, Gran Torino meets US safety standards of 1974 which mean availability of interlock system of seatbelts.

1974 ford gran torino interior

1974 Ford Gran Torino specs

Due to increased size (new safety bumpers) and increased weight, the I6 engine equipped cars were discontinued and unavailable for order. Fun fact: Gran Torino in 2004 Starsky and Hutch movie equipped exactly with 250 cubic inch I6 engine. Some resources claim that early 1974 Torino models received I6.

1974 ford gran torino engine
Instead, 1974 Gran Torino received 302 cubic inch V8 (140 HP) as a standard engine and only available with a 3-speed manual. The second option was 351 V8 in two modifications, 2V and Cobra Jet. Standard 351 produce only 163 HP. Big-size V8s representatives were 400 (170 HP) and 460 (7.5L) engines. Interestingly, that 351 CJ engine produced more power (255 HP) than huge 460 cubic inch unit (220 HP). All V8s mated with Cruise-O-Matic or 4-speed automatic transmissions.

1974 ford gran torino ad

1974 Ford Gran Torino collectibility and price

The car is not rare. In 1974 Ford produce over 426 thousand units, including almost 100 thousands of cars (96,604 to be exact). That is why you could find mint condition 1974 Gran Torino for less than $20,000.

1974 Ford Gran Torino images

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