1974 Plymouth Barracuda – The Latest ‘Cuda

The ‘Cuda was in production from 1964 to 1974, production stopped on the 1st April 1974, making the ’74 Plymouth Barracuda a very collectible year, regardless of engine fitted (although the earlier Hemi engined variants command BIG money – in 2014, a 1971 Hemi Barracuda sold at auction for $3.5 million, yes, THREE & HALF MILLION DOLLARS).

1974 Plymouth Barracuda ad

1974 Plymouth Barracuda Design

A 2-door hardtop coupe was the only available body style, the shape of the ‘Cuda has gone on to become one of the most iconic muscle car designs ever sold, right up there with the Mustang – the difference being that the Barracuda won’t be going back into production.

1974 Plymouth Barracuda brochure

1974 Plymouth Barracuda Interior

The base model had vinyl, split bench seats, although buckets were an option.
Talking of options; you could order a cassette player with microphone as part of the entertainment – we aren’t quite sure why, but it was on the list.
Full leather upholstery was also an optional extra, as was air conditioning and a roof mounted console.

1974 Plymouth Barracuda interior

1974 Plymouth Barracuda Specs

Overall length: 195.6” Wheelbase: 108” Curb weight: 3,300 lbs Numbers sold: 4,989
Air conditioning was an option, as was a Rim-Blow steering wheel.

1974 Plymouth Barracuda engine

The Plymouth Barracuda was a unit-body construction, meaning that there was no separate frame; the panels bolted directly on (or welded).
Unusually for a car of this era, the window seals were excellent; water ingress wasn’t a problem.

1974 Plymouth Barracuda Performance

Just two engines available for the ’74 model, a 318 ci (5.2 liter) with 150 BHP and a 360 ci (5.9 liter) with 245 BHP.
Transmission was a 3-speed column shift as standard, but Torque-Flite auto and 4-speed floor shifter were available as options.

For 1974, Plymouth introduced an electronic ignition system which helped with performance and gave slightly better gas mileage.
245 BHP is a bit short in the power department for a full on muscle car, but it was still enough to get the ‘Cuda past the 100 MPH mark. If performance is your thing, there are many aftermarket specialists out there that can offer anything up to 400+ BHP for the right money.

1974 Plymouth Barracuda Collectability and Price

The 1974 Plymouth Barracuda is getting pretty collectible, even more so for an original one; finding a complete and original one is no easy task though. Expect to pay over $60,000 for a concours example, but an average one could be half that; guide price is around the $35,000 mark. Add a further 10% if the four speed, floor shifter is fitted (from factory).

1974 Plymouth Barracuda Photos