1977 AMC Hornet AMX

The popular AMC Hornet AMX is small sized unique automobile that was manufactured by American Motors Corporation; this car was highly improved with every new model from 1970 till 1977. The hornet-1977 was advanced in terms of its engines as well as fuel transmission efficiency; one new effect was added in form of emission of nitrogen oxides.

Some facts of 1977 AMC Hornet AMX models reveals that it was most economy focused vehicle and buyers were addicted towards its high comfort and luxurious look. 1977 is considered as last year for Hornet series after that it was named as Concord in 1978 and was shifted to luxurious segment of cars.

1977 AMC Hornet AMX

In 1977 Hornet AMX was designed to look younger; at that time it was the only hatchback vehicle with V8 or I6 engine with 4 speed manual as well as automatic transmission. During the last year of Hornet product approximately 76000 units were produced and after this year 1978 brought completely revolutionised model into market that was named as Concord.

The most loved and only four colours in Hornet collection were Sunshine Yellow, Lime Green, Firecracker Red and Alpine White. The front side grill of AMX was blacked out and with this last model AMX decals were connected in front of rear fenders. The interior portion of AMX was designed with advanced engine and a gauge cluster was mounted on front side of shifter consol.

1977 AMC Hornet AMX


With end of year 1977, production of our most beloved car Hornet was also stopped; it was really a troubling situation for American Motors because Hornet was only best-selling car at that time. But soon in 1978 Concord was launched with highly grilled features.

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1977 AMC Hornet AMX Specs

Here are some amazing features of AMC Hornet AMX 1977 model year:

  • Hornet AMX was one of the best options for performance oriented buyers.
  • It was popular hatchback model of 1977 with V8 engine; floor shifted four speed manual as well as automatic transmission.
  • Hornet AMX was available in four colours only.
  • Exterior of this car incorporated a front spoiler merged into front side lower fender extensions, road wheels with sport style construction, rear hatch window louvers, black right and left outside mirrors.
  • Expensive rear opening.
  • Handy lift window with covered spare tire.
  • Gremlin instrument panel.
  • Colour keyed carpeting.
  • The basic motor of Hornet is 232 CID with six cylinders, 258 CID- 6 cylinders, 304 CID-V8 being optional.
  • Rear Bumper Guards.
  • Centre fill fuel tank.
  • Popular Body styles in Hornet series were: 2 door-Coupe, hatchback with 3 doors, sedan with 4 door and wagon having 5 doors.
  • Buyers were able to choose between manual and automatic transmission models.

1977 AMC Hornet AMX interior

1977 was the last year for production of Hornet and at those times it was one of the best selling cars of American Motors. It suffered great downfall in price at the end of year and few models started dying at showrooms.