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You could call only a few cars from 80s a muscle car, Camaro and Firebird became more like sportscars in terms of styling, Mustang became weak and a bit crappy-looking. No more Chargers and Challengers, Chevelles and other distinctive cars from muscle car era.

all mustang models

All Ford Mustang models

Ford Mustang is a legendary vehicle has been made by Ford for half a century. It was true best-seller in the middle 60s, powerful muscle in late 60s, strange looking and underpowered in 70-80s, and...

top 20 muscle cars of all time

Top 20 best muscle cars

20. 1987 Buick GNX This Buick from the era of musclecars dying out because of fuel crysis. Less than 6 seconds to 60, 14 sec quarter mile. Heavy – 3500 lbs and has only 3.8...

american muscle cars list

American muscle cars list

There are many different definitions of what qualifies as a muscle car. The most frequent definition is any car with a large and powerful engine, usually V8, and an ordinary suspension and not expensive. Using...