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The period when the term ‘muscle car’ was born. Muscle cars appeared in middle 60s, and the most popular and powerful muscle cars, such as Chevy Chevelle SS 484 were appeared in the late 60s. There were plenty examples of 60s muscle cars. Some experts claimed that 1967-1969 was the golden era of the muscle cars. Early 1960 muscle cars sometimes referred as vintage or classic.

1969 Ford XL GT

1969 Ford XL GT – Strong Boy

“Ford XL GT – the Michigan strong boy. It’s the big one” – this was how Ford marketed the XL GT back in the late 60’s, for it truly was ‘the big one’; it had...

1969 Ford Falcon

1969 Ford Falcon – Compact But Hot

The Ford Falcon was initially designed as a small car, and sold well for Ford in the early years, although sales did tail of dramatically over the years. Manufactured from 1960 – 1970 and was...

1968 Mercury Comet

1968 Mercury Comet Fits Its Name

Mercury was a division of the Ford Motor Company, set up in 1938 by Edsel Ford. The purpose of the separate brand was to bridge the gap between the Ford and Lincoln models; Ford really...

1969 Pontiac Grand Prix

1969 Pontiac Grand Prix – The Big Nose

The 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix was completely redesigned from its predecessor, being stretched and built on a platform dubbed ‘G’. In fact, the hood was that long that it held the record for the longest...