Ford muscle cars in the shadow of Mustang/Torino

We all knows Mustangs – the true masterpiece of 60s Ford, appeared thanks to that time Ford CEO Lee Iacocca. However, today only a few may name any another Ford-produced muscle car beside Mustang. Maybe one more example – Gran Torino, appeared in the same title movie directed by Clint Eastwood and in Starsky and Hutch franchise. Nevertheless, Ford has enough muscle car models to compete with GM. Here is a brief review of the most spectacular Ford muscle cars which are undeservedly forgotten.

1966-1969 Ford Fairlane – the first classic Ford muscle car

In the Ford model range, this car took a different position. In 1955-1958 it was the most expensive and well-equipped Ford car. From 1959 to 1961 it was a mid-range model, the above model was Ford Galaxie. Since 1962, under this name was produced an independent line of mid-size cars that were in the lineup between compact Ford Falcon and full-size Ford Custom/Ford Galaxie.

1966 ford fairlane 500

1966 Ford Fairlane 500

Fairlane model name comes from the Fair Lane estate owned by Henry Ford.

1966-67 year Fairlane used a very stylish body with lights, paired with two vertically like the older Galaxie model and such design was used also in Pontiac models.
This generation was known by really powerful engines, particularly the GT/GTA modifications with 390 block (6.4 liters), with the declared power of 335 hp. Optionally huge 427 CID big block was available.

1969 ford fairlane

1968-1969 Ford Fairlane

In 1966 Squire station wagon modification appeared, along with 2-door convertible version.

In 1968, the car was again upgraded, the headlamps are arranged horizontally and design became more aggressive. This generation was significantly larger than the previous ones, although the wheelbase remained the same. High-powered luxury modification received Torino naming, which later has become a dedicated model.

1966-1970 Ford Falcon  – simple and compact

Ford Falcon was made by Ford Motor Company from 1960 to 1970. At the start of sales of the car gained popularity among buyers, deftly avoiding similar competitors from Chrysler and General Motors. During its production, the Falcon was offered in a wide range of body styles: two-door and four-door sedan, three-door and five-door station wagons, a two-door hardtop, convertible and even a Ranchero pickup.

1966 ford falcon

1966 Ford Falcon

In 1966 debuted the third generation of Ford Falcon which was designed to be the ‘small Mustang’ – even the circular shaped rear lights were redesigned to cubic shaped to mimic famous pony-car.

A compact car was equipped with a wide range of engines. The most interesting ones is definitely a V8s. With such engine lightweight Falcon received a spectacular performance, however, couldn’t compete with HEMI powered Chevy Nova SS.
V8 engine range was consist of three variants – 260, 289 and 302 cubic inch Ford Windsor V8.

1965-1974 Ford Galaxie – universe of personal luxury

Ford Galaxie was a full-size car produced in the period from 1959 to 1974.

The model took a different position in the market. Firstly appeared in the late 50s, it was a modification of the Ford Fairlane. In 1960 Galaxie identified as an independent model line of full-size Fords, and until 1965 it was the most expensive and well-equipped model. In 1962, all full-size Fords wore Galaxy icon, with “500” and “500 / XL”, denoting the higher series. Galaxie 500 / LTD was introduced in 1965, followed by Galaxie 500 with 7-liter engine appeared in 1966. Some Galaxie models were Chevrolet Impala rivals – high-performance full-size muscle cars. Some also were conventional sedans.

In 1965-1968 generation Galaxie was equipped with vertical two-lamp headlights with a straight-line design. The most powerful engine was available in 1966. It was the Thunderbird 428.

In 1969 Ford discontinued the usage of 427 and 428 big-block engines and in 1971 Galaxie was totally redesigned in the new Ford style.

In 1973 the model received the last restyling – has got a massive heavy appearance. 1974 was the last model year for Galaxie 500 name. The next generation full-size Ford car received LTD name. Then it was an old Ford muscle cars, rapidly losing muscles.

1974 ford galaxie

1974 Ford Galaxie

The Ford muscle cars list isn’t so wide. We tried to remember all classic ford muscle cars which were quite outstanding.