Convertible muscle cars

1968 chrysler 300

1968 Chrysler 300: V8 powered suitcase

Chrysler 300 series without letter suffix has a pretty short heritage in comparison with many other models – just 9 years, produced in 3 different bodies throughout the model lifespan. We have already reviewed 1965...

1969 oldsmobile 442

1969 Oldsmobile 442: losing identity

Even in 1968 442 became a separate model and the restyled car has reinforced success. The changes were mostly cosmetic. The model began to look more modest, while clearly boasting its origin – the numbers 442...

1965 chrysler 300

1965 Chrysler 300: cooler with letter

There was quite aт interesting story behind the Chrysler models naming. There were a letter and non-letter series of cars producing side-by-side from 1962. In 50s only letter series cars were in production. Well, it...