Hardtop muscle cars

List of Hardtop muscle cars

1969 Ford XL GT

1969 Ford XL GT – Strong Boy

“Ford XL GT – the Michigan strong boy. It’s the big one” – this was how Ford marketed the XL GT back in the late 60’s, for it truly was ‘the big one’; it had...

1969 Ford Falcon

1969 Ford Falcon – Compact But Hot

The Ford Falcon was initially designed as a small car, and sold well for Ford in the early years, although sales did tail of dramatically over the years. Manufactured from 1960 – 1970 and was...

1968 Mercury Comet

1968 Mercury Comet Fits Its Name

Mercury was a division of the Ford Motor Company, set up in 1938 by Edsel Ford. The purpose of the separate brand was to bridge the gap between the Ford and Lincoln models; Ford really...